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How To Run in a Following Sea


There's danger ahead if you're caught in heavy seas and the way back in is with the wind in a following sea.
Difficulty: Hard
Time Required: 120 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Until you are ready to begin the trip in, keep your stern away from the oncoming seas. Waves over the stern are the major cause for swamping.
  2. Ideally, head your boat at a 45 degree angle to the waves, and move slowly enough to allow the waves to roll under the boat and beyond you as you move.
  3. In a true following sea, adjust your speed so that you can stay on the back side of a moving wave. Use the throttle to keep your boat always attempting to climb the back side of the wave, but never reaching the top.
  4. Continue to climb the back of this wave until it dissipates or until you need to change course.
  5. When you need to change course, back off the throttle and change directions on the back of the wave.
  6. NEVER attempt to ride down the face of a wave. If you do find yourself going over the crest, never try to turn the boat as you go down the face. The bow will dig in and slow the boat and the following wave will flip the boat over sideways.
  7. Keep the boat straight if you top the crest. You may bury the bow into the back of the next wave, but chances are better that you won't flip.


  1. When the weather is bad and seas are high, stay in port or fish protected water. You can always fish offshore on another day.
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