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How To Tie a Wire Leader


Keeping a wire leader from slipping and cutting the end off clean is simple if you know how to do it.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 3 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Run the leader through the hook or swivel leaving about 8 inches of tag end.
  2. Put a slight bend in the wire at the hook eye.
  3. Bring the tag end and leader end together and across each other above the hook eye.
  4. Leaving a small loop at the hook eye, twist the two ends together in a haywire twist, Both ends must be twisting together, not one end wrapping around the other. Make about three twists.
  5. Now begin a barrel wrap using the tag end to wrap around the leader end. Make at least a half-inch of barrel wraps. You should have at least three inches of tag end wire remaining.
  6. Make a right angle bend in the tag end half way between the end of the wire and the end of the barrel wrap. It should look like a little crank handle on the leader.
  7. Hold the hook, leader, and barrel twist firmly and turn this crank handle back at a right angle against the wrap. The tag end will snap off clean with no protruding wire burr.


  1. Very light wire line is difficult to work with. Practice before you get on the water.
  2. Leader wire can penetrate your skin as easily as a needle. Combine that puncture with salt and fish slime, and you are in for a sore finger for a day. Be careful!
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