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Freeing a Hung Boat Anchor - Saltwater Fishing - About.com
Apr 2, 2009 ... The angle of the rode from the bottom to the boat is called the fetch. A 90 degree fetch would mean the anchor is directly underneath the boat ...
Boat Anchor Tips - Anchoring a Boat over a ... - Saltwater Fishing
May 4, 2009 ... Boat anchor tips fro positioning your boat over a fishing hole. Use these boat anchor tips to get it right the first time.
Jetty Anchoring - Anchoring a Boat on a Jetty - Saltwater Fishing
Mar 21, 2007 ... When you plan to anchor, pay attention to the direction of the current. It will push your boat into or away from the rocks. Take a long look at the ...
How to Choose an Anchor for Your Boat - Sailing - About.com
Choosing the right anchor for a sailboat is very important for anyone who owns a boat and ever anchors. The wrong anchor may not set or may set but later drag, ...
Explanation of How to Anchor a Sailboat - Sailing - About.com
Few sailing experiences are as scary as waking in the middle of the night with the wind blowing hard and your boat dragging anchor toward rocks, the shore, ...
Sailboat Anchors - Rocna Anchor and CQR Anchor
The new Rocna anchor from Australia has challenged the class CPR and plow anchors. The Rocna is better for new boats and may be worth the cost for an ...
How to Retrieve an Anchor - Weighing Anchor on a Sailboat - Sailing
Learn how to retrieve your boat's anchor without problems.
How to Rig an Anchor Trip Line - Sailing - About.com
If the anchor refuses to break free and come up even when the bow of the boat is directly above the anchor and the rode goes straight down, the first thing to try ...
Rope or Line Used for Boat Supplies - How to Properly Outfit your Boat
When you shop for boating supplies and accessories, line should be at the top of your list. You will use it to tie your boat to the dock, to attach your anchor to ...
Anchor Buddy, Shore Boat Anchor - Waterskiing - About.com
The Anchor Buddy stretches as you go to the shore then pulls your boat away from shore as you pay out your bowline. An anchor line that lets you anchor up to  ...
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