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Learning the Complete Anatomy of a Fish - Marine Life - About.com
Fish anatomy - learn about the basic parts of a fish, with a graphic showing fish external anatomy.
Saltwater Fish Anatomy Diagrams & Information - Saltwater Aquariums
Here you can view simple fish anatomy diagrams that show all the parts labeled to study up and learn about the anatomic structure of these animals.
Fish - Characteristics and Differences From Other Animals
Fish Anatomy: Fish swim by flexing their bodies, forming waves of contractions along their muscles. These waves push water backward and move the fish ...
What Is a Cartilaginous Fish - Marine Life - About.com
Have you heard the term cartilaginous fish? Here you can learn what that term means, and what types of fish are cartilaginous fish. Answer: Cartilaginous fish ...
Aquarium Fish Fin Types - Freshwater Aquariums - About.com
One of the frustrating things that fish owners often encounter are the terms used to describe fish fins and other anatomy. Terms such as dorsal fin and pectoral ...
Fish - Marine Life - About.com
Here you'll find facts about fish and marine life profiles of different fish species. ... Fish anatomy - learn about the basic parts of a fish, with a graphic showing fish ...
Sharks Aren't Your Average Fish - Animals/Wildlife - About.com
Instead, sharks branched off from the ray-finned fish lineage some 420 ... of their internal anatomy (circulatory, digestive, reproductive, and nervous systems).
Naming Your Aquarium Fish - Freshwater Aquariums - About.com
Another favorite is to use something related to fish anatomy, such as Flipper, Jaws, Scales, or Fin. An alternative to anatomy is to use the coloration of the fish,  ...
Pectoral Fin Definition - Marine Life - About.com
Fish Anatomy / Jennifer Kennedy - Jennifer Kennedy; Fish Line Drawing from NEFSC ... Pectoral fins are the two fins located behind the head of a fish or whale .
Ray-Finned Fishes, the Actinopterygii - Marine Life - About.com
The group of ray-finned fishes (Class Actinopterygii) encompasses over 20,000 species of fish that have 'rays,' or spines, in their fins. This separates them from ...
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