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Fishing Baits and Fishing Lures - Saltwater Fishing - About.com
Saltwater fishing bait company and fishing lure manufacturers web sites. Many offer direct online ordering.
Choosing Your Fishing Bait for Beginners
Sep 26, 2009 ... One of the biggest decisions you will make as you head out fishing is choosing which bait you will use. The whole idea behind bait is to attract a ...
Whats the Best Bait for Redfish - Saltwater Fishing - About.com
This question comes up in almost any conversation about redfish and how to catch them.. The truth is that the best bait for redfish can change from day to day ...
Change Baits to Catch Fish - Saltwater Fishing - About.com
Sometimes the old faithful lures you use don't work. Is it the lure or is it that the fish are not there? Here's what I do when that happens.
The Perfect Redfish Bait - Saltwater Fishing - About.com
Almost everyone has been in a situation where the fish are really turned on. It seems as if they would eat any old kind of bait we put in front of them. And, in a ...
What's the Best Bait for Catching Spotted Seatrout? - Saltwater Fishing
Like other fish, seatrout have certain bait that they prefer to feed on. This bait can and does vary from region to region, so where you fish can determine what bait ...
Fishing with Pogies - Saltwater Fishing - About.com
A favorite bait for most all Atlantic Coast fishermen is the menhaden shad, also known as the pogey. Here are some tips on how to fish with them.
Live Bait is the Key for Tarpon - Saltwater Fishing - About.com
When the live bait begins migrating, the predator fish - like tarpon - follow them. That's the best time to catch a nice tarpon, and here is how I catch tarpon in the ...
Kingfish Baits - Saltwater Fishing - About.com
Jul 27, 2005 ... Up and down the east coast, as tournaments occur literally every weekend, kingfish anglers all have their favorite baits. We're talking natural ...
How to Choose a Crankbait for Freshwater Fishing
How do you choose which crankbait to buy and which one to fish with? What shape should you fish today? Why fish a crankbait instead of a worm or ...
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