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Fish Tales and Stories - Saltwater Fishing - About.com
Here are some fish stories and tales - all true. They come from all my many experiences fishing over the years.
Strange Fish - Share Your Story: Reader Submitted Fishing Stories ...
I have no idea what kind of fish this is. That is what I'm trying to find out . All I know is it was not the prettiest fish I have ever caught but I would love to know what ...
First BIG fish - Share Your Story: Reader Submitted Fishing Stories ...
Here's How and Where I Caught It. We were fishing out of the Ft. Pierce Inlet about 8 miles out in 90" of water off a 24.5' Everglades boat. I was using a Shimano ...
Fishtales Library - Freshwater Fishing Stories
Archive of reader-submitted fishing stories. Some are true fishing adventures, others will teach you about fishing tackle or help you improve your fishing, but all  ...
The Fishing Trip Encounter - A True Story - Paranormal Phenomena
What could have been a fun weekend of fishing and relaxation for four teenage boys turned into a confusing and frightening episode of unreality, bizarre ...
Incredible Fishing Story - Minnow Survives Winter - Freshwater Fishing
I have the most incredible fish story of all time, bar none. See if you agree. This is a true incident that happened to me, about 5 years ago. At that time I owned a ...
Fathers Day Fishing Memories - Freshwater Fishing - About.com
This story shows how important fathers taking kids fishing can be - for both. I have not heard from Bryan but I hope, 11 years later, he is still fishing with his son.
25 inch full color redfish - Share Your Story ... - Saltwater Fishing
Share Your Story: Reader Submitted Fishing Stories and Pictures ... I was fishing with a chartreuse Gulp swimming mullet on a 1/4 ounce 3/0 jig head. Casting ...
Trinity Bay, Texas Seatrout - Share Your Story ... - Saltwater Fishing
Seatrout fishing in Galveston Bay Texas. ... Trinity Bay, Texas Seatrout. Share Your Story: Reader Submitted Fishing Stories and Pictures. By Capt. Alan Pereyra.
8 Pound Redfish - Share Your Story: Reader Submitted Fishing ...
We were fishing tailing red fish in the early morning but I could not set the hook on one since I am a Bass Fisherman I set the hook to soon you have to let them ...
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