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You Can't get Something for Nothing... Who Said?

A no strings give away for the shore bound angler!


OK, every once in a while there will be a contest, raffle, or door prize for a cheap widget or a little five- or ten-cent koozie, but whoever heard of a daily giveaway of a newly patented, best-in-its-class, fishing accessory that normally sells for $59.95? Well I have! And what makes this such a sweet deal is that there are NO strings. You heard right, No questionnaires or surveys to fill out and absolutely nothing to buy.

How is this possible, you ask? I’m not sure, but according to James Barfield, Director of Marketing for the Restin’ Ready Corporation, “We could spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising to convince fishermen we have the world’s best onshore fishing rod holder, or we could just give some away to avid fishermen and let the word get around naturally.” Barfield continues, “Once you’ve experienced our product in the field, there’s no going back to those old-fashioned, stick-in-the-mud, might-work-sometimes, tube rod holders that cause you to miss more fish than you catch.”

I’ve seen their website www.restin-ready.com and tested their product. You can read my Product Review on the Restin-Ready. If I were a dedicated onshore fisherman, I would definitely own one. So, if you like to fish from a dock, boat slip, jetty, or any shoreline, drop your name in the hat to win one for yourself. Over 500 units are slotted to be given away. It’s a snap to enter online, and if you win, you can stop by their office and pick one up, no questions asked, or they’ll send your free unit to you for just the UPS cost of shipping anywhere in the US. Are these nice guys or what? I wish more manufacturers would follow their lead. More fishing and less talking . . . it’s a good thing!

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