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Restin'Ready Rod Holder

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Rest'Ready Rod Holder

Rest'Ready Rod Holder

The Bottom Line

Here is an ideal rod holder for anglers who fish from the bank, beach or pier. It is stable, well built, and works as advertised, holding your rod in the right position and at the correct angle. It securely holds your rod and reel, keeping it out of the dirt and sand. yet allowing you quick access for hook setting. This is a really well built rod holder.


  • Protects your rod on a secure holder
  • Keeps the rod at the right angle to see a bite
  • For onshore anglers - it works from the bank, pier, or even a pontoon boat
  • Well made heavy gauge steel won't bend out of shape
  • Unique spring assemble holds the rod at the correct position


  • Slightly unstable in loose sand without the bottom brace


  • Made from heavy gauge stainless steel, it will last forever!
  • Keeps your rod at the perfect fishing angle
  • A very stable fishing rod platform
  • Excellent design keeps rods securely in place without twisting
  • Use for any type of rod and reel - spinning, casting or spincasting.
  • Great for the bank or lakeshore fisherman. Catfish anglers will love this rod holder.
  • Quick and easy assembly and takedown for easy transport

Guide Review - Restin'Ready Rod Holder

I was given the opportunity to try a Restin'Ready recently, and though I don't do a lot of bank fishing, I found this new rod holding idea to be just the ticket for the shorebound angler.

The holder comes in a canvas carrying case, complete with permanently attached assembly instructions. It is well built, made from heavy gauge stainless steel, and that means no rust! This one will last you a lifetime.

It worked well for me using the complete set-up, including the bottom braces. I found that setting my 48 quart cooler on the braces provided a very stable platform on which to rest my rod.

My rod was held securely in place, with the casting reel up, and the angle was ideal for detecting a bite while not allowing the fish to pull the holder over. Spring assemblies act to keep the rod from twisting around in the holder. That means spinning rods stay put with the reel down and casting rods stay put with the reel up. It really does work!

I tried the Restin'Ready on the beach, and while the instructions provide for pushing the front and rear pieces into the sand, I found that using the bottom braces worked better. The sand was not hard enough to keep the holder as stable as the bottom braces. Once I put the bottom braces in place, I was home free. No more driving PVC pipes into the sand every time I move! I simply pick up the Restin'Ready and move!

I highly recommend this one! It works extremely well and it will last a lifetime!

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