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Artificial Reefs

Artificial reef locations with LORAN and GPS coodinates for the entire coast of the United States.

Fishing Artificial Reefs
Fishing artificial reefs takes some know-how and some practice. Follow these tips to learn how to fish an artificial reef.

Finding Artificial Reefs
Finding artificial reefs takes some know-how and some practice. Follow these tips to learn how to find an artificial reef.

North Florida Atlantic Coast Artificial Reefs
Florida's Most Wanted Artificial Reefs - Northern Florida Coast from Nassau County south to Palm Beach County. The reefs listed here feature a ship, barge, army tank, old bride structure or airplanes and represent the most interesting artificial reefs found in this area.

Artificial Reefs of the Keys
Here are 3 ships and their locations on the Florida Keys.

Artificial Reefs, Inc
Artificial Reefs, Inc. is a modular reef engineering and manufacturing firm totally dedicated to the development and restoration of our world's fragile oceans and endangered reef ecosystems.

Florida Artificial Reefs
A county by county listing of Florida artificial reef locations.

Jacksonville Reef Research Team
A group dedicated to keeping artificial reefs off of North Florida healthy.

Locations and LORANs
LORAN and GPS locations of artificial reefs on the east coast of the U.S.

Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks
MGFB Builds All the Offshore Reefs off the Mississippi Gulf Coast. A nice listing of reef locations.

North Carolina Artificial Reef Guide
Click on a buoy and find the reef locations for that area

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