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Braggin Board Fish Pictures

Send in your pictures and I'll post them here on the Braggin' Board! Look for fish pictures and great catches from saltwater fishermen. Here is a place for you to brag about your great fishing catch!

Jason Marsh Family Fishing
Jason Marsh Family Fishing

Reader Submitted Fishing Stories and Pcitures
Reader Submitted Pictures and Stories

Braggin' Board Picture Gallery
A braggin Board to post all those fishing pictures you want everyone to see!

John Raymond Beall 1948 - 2004
John Beall, perhaps my best friend in life and the best fisherman I ever encountered passed this last weekend. I shall miss him.

Marilyn Thompson and Mary Huyett with Their Redfish
Pictured left Marilyn Thompson (red hat) Mary Huyett (blue hat)both of Mobile, Alabama, with a redfish they caught off the south side of Dauphin Island, Alabama, close to the lighthouse.

Tano Gutierrez's South Florida Catch
Tano Gutierrez from South Florida shows a nice catch of Spanish mackerel and seatrout.

Perry Lyons' Redfish
Perry Lyons caught this nice six pound redfish from the beach at Matanzas Inlet while vacationing from Anchorage, Kentucky.

Rick Huey's Tuna
Proving there are fishing opportunities in the US Navy, Rick Huey shows off a nice yellowfin tuna he caught while trolling a line off the fantail of the USS McInerney.

Clint Eidson's Family Catch
Clint Eidson and his family made some nice catches on a recent trip to Florida's west coast.

Pam's Seatrout
Pam Johnson's nice seatrout.

Sand Bass Queen
Here is the queen of the sand bass from Fish-n-fools.

Nice Dorado
Craig Zoly Caught this nice dorado on a recent trip to Mazatlan

Giant New Zealand Snapper
Marty Benson shows off these monsters caught from shore in New Zealand.

Barbara Johns and Her Big Halibut
Here is Barbara and Captain B with a number of big buts from Alaska!

Fish4Fun Fishing Team
Fish4Fun.com  Team - 1st Place for 6.6' Sailfish, 50 lbs, and 3rd Place for 37 lb Dolphin at Bimini's Saltwater Sportsman Seminar Series Tournament, June 1, 2000.

White Sea Bass and Halibut
Marina Del Ray folks know how to catch fish! 

GOWA Spring Conference
Here are some pictures from the Georgia Outdoor Writers Association Spring 2000 conference.  It may not be saltwater, but it sure was fun!

Tom Fiedler's Striper
Tom caught this 35 pounder on his cousin Craig Zoly's boat in in East Moriches Inlet, NY.

Big Tarpon
Here is Captain Larry Cohen and his charter with a nice Key West tarpon.

Big Drum
  Captain Rick Speigel with an 82 pound horse of a drum!

Big Tuna
Here's Captain Alfredo Vargas with a little Tuna from Zihuatanejo, MX.  He is Captain of the Whiskey I.  I would say this is braggin' size - wouldn't you?

Barry Renwick
Here is Barry Renwick and his friend Jim Barlow with some nice ahi (yellowfin Tuna), and ono (wahoo) from Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands .

Brad Drey
Here is a nice 23 pound grouper Brad caught off the Middle Grounds.

Striper and Tuna
Ed Lewandowski sends these two pictures of a nice striper and a whole herd of tuna!

Cape May Striped Bass
Here is Jim Leo with a 48 inch, 38 pound Striped Bass caught in the rips of of Cape May, New Jersey.

Here is Brent's 20 pound snook.

Brent Kempton's Trout
Here is Brent with a huge trout he caught with his father in St Petersburg, FL.

Raena Rytter
   This young lady received a Virginia Citation for this huge seabass!

Bob Bush
    Bob Bush of Atlanta, GA with a nice 10 pound striper.

Teri Castenholz
  Teri shows off her keys Grand Slam of permit, tarpon, and bonefish!

Ray Castenholz
  And Teri's husband Ray shows off his Keys Grand Slam!

Dog Day Striper
Here is a great shot of Dave & Victoria Delpergatorio with a nice 25.4 lb. striper.

Patti Garcia's First Cuda
Tom Garcia's wife went on her first ocean fishing trip and caught this nice Pacific cuda.

Sitka Pictures from George Schaller
Here are some nice salmon from George's first fishing club trip.

Tom Fielder's Nice Fish
Here's three fish pictures from Tom's family - him, his wife and his son!

Ty Wenglar's Redfish
How about a 51 inch redfish caught in Galveston Bay by Ty Wenglar!!

Keith Lambert's 55 lb. Tuna
Keith is a member of Marina Del Rey Anglers and recently caught this nice Yellowfin.

Mrs. Larry Cohen's Bonefish
Here is the wife of Capt. Larry Cohen with her first bonefish.  Capt. Larry guides in Key West.

Larry Burgess Big Bass
Larry caught and released this guy on a tournament trip out of Dana Point Landing.

Nice Tuna!
Here is Capt. Leon Alcivar (center) and his charter with a nice 31lb 1oz tuna.

A Nice Flounder and Redfish
As the title says, these are two nice fish, but the sender failed to give me his name!

Huge Redfish
This big red was caught in Sebastian inlet by a couple of fishermen who asked that their picture be taken.  Never left their name!

Capt. Bob Smith and a Clients Sailfish
A nice sail caught by a client of Capt. Bob Smith out of Sarasota, FL.

First Texas Blue Marlin
The first Blue Marlin of the year caught off the Texas coast by Capt. Bob Greer.

Ike Ryan, Coogan Ryan, and Bill Morrison
Here are three Louisiana fishermen showing off the tuna they caught.

John Beall's Bull Dolphin
A nice bull dolphin caught by John off of Homestead in South Florida.  John reports he now lives in California.  Caught any this big out there, John?

The Carmichaels and an Alaska Salmon
Don and brother Charlie caught this nice salmon on a Kenai trip.  They failed to tell me what brand of salmon this is, and I have never caught one.  Can anyone help out on which type of salmon this is?

The King Family
Here is Clyde King and his family with some very nice red snapper caught offshore from Jacksonville, Florida.  Looks like some good eating to me!

Bull Dolphin
Bob Bass, brother of David Bass, with a 52 pound bull dolphin caught out from under a bail of hay looking material wrapped in black plastic off of South Florida.

Gulf Coast Angler's Association
David Arcemant, President of the GCCA sends us some nice catches by his members.  Are you in these pics, David??

David Arcemant and his Son
Here is David again, this time with his son and a nice catch of trout!

David Lawrence and His Stripers
David sends us this picture from last summer.  Get ready for more action like this this summer!

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