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Catch and Release Fishing

Learn to release the fish you catch to fight again another day.

Do [i]Not[/i] Vent Fish!
With everything we do concerning catch and release, perhaps the most controversial is releasing fish caught from deep water. Most fish coming up on a hook from depths of more than about 80 feet will have an expanded or burst air bladders (swim bladders).

Catch and Release Comments
So, in essence, my feelings on the whole overall issue is that catch and release is a good policy in many instances, but not good enough to make the difference we need to bring back the numbers and size of fish like we can both remember. I feel that politics and money currently and will always prevent the return of the fish stocks to the wonder it once was, all over the world.

Catch and Release Fishing
How many times have you returned to the dock from a day of fishing anxious to show off your catch? You come idling up, with an almost smug look on your face, just dying to dump your catch on the dock or the cleaning table.

Venting a Deep Water Fish
Over the years I have caught many fish from water deeper than about ninety feet that come to the surface with their stomach protruding from their mouth like a big balloon. Not doing my research, I though it was an air bladder, and while I knew it had to be vented, I never really studied the best way to accomplish the task.

Another Reason to Catch and Release
It is an amazing photograph and quite interesting to study. The old cars in the background and the old fishing boats tell a tale of what transportation was like both on and off the water. I really was pleased to get a copy of the photo, but the more I look at it, the more disturbed I became. The picture is at the right and though it is small even on the blow up icon, you can see the fish hanging from nails on the pier. Catch and release was the last thing on the minds of these dudes!

Releasing Gut Hooked Fish
Many time fish are brought aboard with the hook buried in their stomach or gills. I’ve watched people rip the hook out of these fish, insuring that that will not survive. I’ve seen people keep fish they ordinarily would have released had the fish not been hooked so deep. Conservation of the resource dictates we find a way to release as many of these fish in as healthy a state as possible.

Redfish Tournaments Causing Conflict
Friends in South Florida who regularly practice catch and release sight fishing for redfish in Everglades National Park are somewhat perturbed over the numerous redfish tournaments that are held up and down the Florida Keys. Headquartered from Key Largo to Key West and cities in between, the tournaments find almost all of the anglers fishing inside the park.

A Legal Release - Or was it?
For some reason, unknown to me, the major fishing tournaments and organizations, including the IGFA, see a catch and or release a little differently. By their rules, as soon as the leader is either past the tip of the rod or is touched by a mate or helper, the fish is officially caught.

Catch and Release - Does It Work? - Saltwater Fishing
How many times have you returned to the dock from a day of fishing anxious to show off your catch? You come idling up, with an almost smug look on your face, just dying to dump your catch on the dock or the cleaning table.

Best Bet
This charter in the Florida Keys practices catch and release on all billfish.

This lady guide in the Florida Keys promotes catch and release.

Catch and Release Fishing
This Australian guide site has some very good information on the benefits and methods used for catch and release.

Fly Fishing in Salt Waters
Published by Hook and Release publishers, this magazine promotes catch and release.

New Wave Taxidermy
Specializing in fiberglass replicas of your released trophy catch.

Picante Sport Fishing
Picante Blue Water was the first American operated company to organize a catch and release sportfishing fleet in Cabo San Lucas.

Pro Team Sport Fishing
This is an all catch and release charter fleet in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Tips for Releasing Fish
Texas Parks and Wildlife tells you how to handle and release healthy fish.                    

To Gaff a fish or Not to Gaff a Fish
When is the right time and what is the right way to gaff a fish?

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