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Commercial Fishing

Commercial Fishing Links and up to date information for the commercial fisherman. Lots of good information here.

We Must Unite To Remain Standing
The division between the Commercial and the Recreational fishermen must end. Both groups have common goals: to catch fish, to keep fish stocks sustainable and to keep fish stocks available for all people. The Commerial fishing profession is on the brink of extinction. Regulations are so prohibitive that earning a living becomes a daily battle. The average age of a fishing professional is 50 years old.

Shrimp Industry By-Catch
A study coming out this month in the scientific journal Fish and Fisheries documents the shrimping industry as the major contributor to commercial by-catch. In particular, the Gulf of Mexico shrimping industry is, according to the study, the major contributor to the 28% total by-catch waste in the commercial fishing industry.

The Commercial Fishing Debate
Can recreational and commercial anglers coexist?

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Taken to Court
On December 12th, at the Leon County, Florida, Courthouse, Judge Janet Ferris will hear the challenges of Florida fishermen as to whether or not the FWC has the right to promulgate rules that violate the intent of the state constitution. The issue arose when the FWC decided to make all nets, except cast nets, use a maximum of one-inch square openings in their webbing.

Just Another Day at the Office - Charter Fishing Guide as a Job
How would you like to have your office in a 24 foot bay boat and be on the water 200 plus days a year?

Fishermen Take a Stand
Over the past several years I have written several pieces regarding commercial fishermen and sport fishermen in Florida and the issues that face both sides. I understand the emotional and rational issues that the commercial people have undergone and that these issues continue to plague the industry. At the same time, I am a sport fishing angler, and I try to see both sides of every issue that is brought to light. Fishing for Freedom.

Nets or No Nets
While fishing off Cape Lookout from Beaufort Inlet, NC, I noticed something I had not seen in many years - net boats. Florida passed a law several years ago banning most nets and placing restrictions on others. Recreational anglers hailed it as the ultimate plan to save an ever shrinking resource. Commercial anglers, whose very lives depended on the income these nets brought, saw it as a selfish attempt by sport fishermen to have the fish only for themselves.

In depth catch, weather and news information for the Alaskan commercial trade.

Atlantic & Gulf Fishing Supply
A wholesaler/retailer of all types of commercial fishing supplies, they carry one of the largest inventories in the world and cater to the commercial fishing industry.

Blue Ocean Tackle
New premium online tackle shop for both sport and commercial fishing.

Fishery Bulletin
U.S. Department of Commerce news releases for the commercial industry.

International Pacific Halibut Commission
The International Pacific Halibut Commission, originally called the International Fisheries Commission, was established in 1923 by the governments of Canada and the United States of America. Its mandate is to study and preserve the stocks of Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) within the territorial waters of both nations.

Irish Trawlers
Quite and interesting site with an array of art, boat sales and commercial fishing interest. Well done.

LFS, Inc.
Serving the industry since 1967!  Recreational, industrial, and commercial marine supplies.

Memphis Net and Twine
Memphis Net & Twine has custom made commercial fishing nets, sports nets, and nets for industrial applications since 1962. Thier staff of skilled net makers have years of experience crafting nets by hand built to your custom specifications. They can fabricate nets in any shape or size to meet your specific needs.

National Fisherman Magazine
National Fisherman Online offers daily news, directories and links, reference material, weather data and product information for commercial fishermen and mariners.

NOAA Fisheries
Administers NOAA's programs which support the domestic and international conservation and management of living marine resources.

NOAA Northeast Region
NOAA news releases for commercial interests in the Northeast U.S. Coastal waters.

NOAA Northwest Region
NOAA news releases for commercial interests in the Northwest U.S. Coastal waters.

Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Press releases and news articles about NWFSC research and conservation efforts.

Permit Master
An exceptional full service commercial fishing brokerage.

SNL Corporation
SNL Corporation, a family owned business in its second generation, has been servicing the Commercial Fishing Industry from Sebastian, Florida, since 1964.

Trawlworks, Inc., is a supplier and distributor of marine hardware and rigging supplies for industrial, institutional, and commercial fishing.        

United Boatmen of NY
United Boatmen of NY is an organization dedicated to presenting a unified, clear voice that expresses the interests of the New York boatmen, their patrons, and the resources that we all depend upon.

The Opah Show: Catching the Pacific Moonfish
The huge, colorfully hued opah, also known as the Pacific moonfish, was once only taken incidentally on commercial long lines. Learn more about this exotic oval shaped fish, which is now showing up more often in the catches of recreational saltwater anglers.

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