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How to Repair a Broken Fishing Rod


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Gather the Needed Tools and Repair Items
Photo © Ron Brooks

A casting rod with a clean break between eyes.

Photo © Ron Brooks
Lots of people simple pitch a broken rod in the trash, but they really don’t have to in most cases. In most cases that rod can be back in action literally overnight. And it will usually be stronger at the break point than it was before it broke. Sound impossible? Here’s how to fix that favorite broken rod.

You will need the following items:

  • Two part 15 minute epoxy.
  • An old expendable rod with a blank the approximate size of the broken rod. I like to keep any broken rods that can’t be fixed, because I use them to fix other rods.
  • A two part rod coating, such a Flexcoat. Actually several coats of clear nail polish will work – it just won’t look quite as nice.
  • Rod winding thread in a color that matches the broken rod, and mineral spirits. Use size A thread for small diameter rod breaks; use size E for breaks down close to the handle.
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