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Praying to the Tuna Gods

Most Anglers End Up on Their Knees Praying for Relief


John Beall and Two Nice Yellowfin Tuna

John Beall and Two Nice Yellowfin Tuna

Photo by John Beall
I have fished with a lot of people over my many years. Some knew what they were doing, and some didn't. Some thought they knew what they were doing, but in actuality caused more work and grief than those that did not know!

I also taught a lot of people how to fish over the years. From a youngster that did not know how to tie a knot, to a co-worker that just wanted to learn, I think I have been with the whole realm.

One person I fished with, however, stands out more than any other. We served our country together and became best friends. Over the past thirty years we have stayed in touch and managed to fish together quite a few times, even considering the distance between us.

John has lived in San Diego since retiring from the Marines around 1986. He currently has his 100 ton captain's license and helps captain and mate aboard the Steal'n Time, a long range charter boat that runs out of San Diego.

For years he has been telling me about catching yellowfin tuna until you just can't move your arms. He is on the water with a charter about seventy percent of his time, and when he isn't on the water, I hear about the boat maintenance efforts or the pleasure fishing he does to relax.

His last trip was a four day yellowfin tuna event to Guadalupe Island located 210 miles south of San Diego and 150 miles west of Baja. His party included some walleye anglers from Minnesota as I understand it and they really got into the yellowfin. If these pictures are any indication, they did just that!

John told me what this praying is all about, as well. It seems when a big yellowfin is hooked, most anglers end up on their knees at the stern of the boat trying to hold on and praying for someone to take the rod from them! John and the other mates are always glad to help out!

It must be nice to finally have a job doing what you love to do most in life. My only problem would be not letting the paying customers get in the way of my own fishing! Semper Fi dudes!

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