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Winter Fishing Results

The cold weather has some fishing turned on and some turned off!


Winter fishing has set in everywhere. King mackerel are being caught off south Florida, and sailfish are jumping in the boat down there. Farther north, vermillion snapper and black sea bass are cooperating in huge numbers on near shore wrecks and reefs.

The bull redfish have made their move offshore for the winter and are preparing to spawn. Some fish in the forty to fifty pound range are caught regularly this time of year as far as thirty miles offshore. This offshore schooling and spawning habit for these huge fish is what almost led to their demise many years ago as commercial netters, led by spotter aircraft would catch an entire school of breeding stock.

Bottom fishing has really turned on, on the days that old man winter allows the boats to get out. That one day just prior to a cold front can be awesome as the barometric pressure begins to drop, turning on a feeding cycle.

Seatrout are schooling in salt marsh and oyster bar creeks. They will seek the deep holes in outside bends in those creeks when the temperature drops. This is the time to catch that gator trout – one in the ten-pound plus range.

Winter fishing in some parts of the country means watching fishing shows on television and preparing tackle for the coming spring. The farther north you go up the coast, the fewer anglers you will find.

Maybe it’s the time of year for you anglers in the north to make a trip south and check out the fishing during the winter! I know what I’m going to be doing! I just need to wait for a day when the winds lay down!

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