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Oregon Fishing

Everything you need to know about Oregon Fishing and saltwater fishing in Oregon, including saltwater fishing reports, and Oregon saltwater charters and guides

Catching the Elusive Oregon Coast Dungeness
Catching Dungeness Crab on the Oregon Coast is a year-round sport in the estuaries, coastal rivers and tidal bays. In the ocean, crab season is closed from August 15th through November 30th. The best weather to go in is mild to sunny weather. Sustained rains bring fresh water. They are salt-water creatures and heavy rains force them out to sea because of the sudden lack of salt water.

Coastal Salmon Restoration
"We, the people of Oregon, promise to do our best to understand and respect the needs of salmon, and to make meaningful commitments in the way we conduct our lives, in the hope that salmon and people will survive and flourish, together long into the future."

Fishing Information
Information from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Fishing the Coast
Good information and good links to Oregon Coastal fishing.

Fishing and Crabbing on Hiway 101
As the name implies, this site is dedicated to Hiway 101 fishing and crabbing.

Fishing with Shelley and Courtney
Home page for this popular TV fishing team.

The Guide's Forecast
Billed as Oregon's Fishing Resource, this is a very informative page.

Northwest Angler
From World Wide Angler, here is some great information on fishing in the Northwest US.

Oregon 1999 Angling Regulations
A summary of proposed changes to the Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations Pamphlet for 1999.

Oregon Coast Fishing
Another good site with coastal fishing information and reports.

Predation Issues
An early draft on one section of an "action plan" which considers issues and actions related to predation on salmon, trout, and steelhead by marine mammals, fish-eating birds, and non-native fishes.

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