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Flounder / Halibut

Flatfish from both US coasts with both eyes on the same side!. Left and right eyed varieties.
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How I Find and Catch Summer Flounder
On a typical summer fishing trip, I look for flounder in about three different places. Here is how I find flounder in the summer.

Fall Flounder Fishing is Still Great! - Catching Flounder
Fall is once again taking it’s time getting here, at least as far as the temperature goes. Water temperatures along the Atlantic coast are still able to support some good flounder fishing, and the flounder are slower to migrate out and south.

Flounder Fishing Methods that Work
Show us your favorite flounder fishing methods!

How to Build a Flounder Gigging Boat
Here are reader responses on how to build a flounder gigging boat

Build a Flounder Gigging Boat
Build a Flounder Gigging Boat

A Flounder Fall – Fall Flounder Fishing
Inlets up and down the east coast of the United States are brimming with flounder. They have begun their annual fall run to waters offshore, and the inlets are the avenue for them to get there. Now is the time to get out and fish for flounder - find some door mats for your cooler!

All About Flounder and Fluke
Learning how to catch flounder and fluke is easy. These articles and tips provide that knowledge. How to catch a flounder. Fishing for Flounder.

Be Prepared for Your Alaskan Halibut Fishing Charter
When you choose your Alaska halibut fishing charter, you need to be prepared and dress properly. Many trips are spoiled because anglers did not dress right for their Alaska Halibut fishing charter

The Year of the Flounder
Reports from the northeast fishing community are filled with stories of great trips and large numbers of flounder or fluke. My own experience tells the same story. I have seen more flounder - and larger flounder on average - this year than in many years past. They seem to be everywhere.

Night Time Flat Fish - Flounder Gigging
Now is the time to begin seeing the flounder as they move inland from their winter offshore homes. Miles of intracoastal waterways, tidal creek shorelines and flats can be found from the Northeast coast , down around Florida, all the way to Texas. Flounder can be taken with a gig and a light using this method in all of these areas, but check your local laws and regulations before starting out.

Flounder on Artificials
It would appear that a flounder, lying on the bottom waiting for food, would not be a very aggressive fish, one wiling to reach out and grab a lure. I spend most of my time looking for flounder with live bait, but I was surprised at their aggressiveness when presented with an artificial bait like a grub.

Flounder Methods That Work
Here is how I catch flounder, including bait, rigs, and techniques.

Flounder Fishing Fool!
I followed a local angler around this week, watching as he looked for flounder. The name on the side of his boat was Flounder Fishing Fool. His methods, similar to a lot of flounder angling methods, helped me find some doormats as well!

Pounding the Flounder - Again
My son Tom and grandson James took a day together to fish some docks in the St Augustine, Florida, area. Tom has been working with James, teaching him some flounder and redfish fishing basics.

Flounder Cleaning Instructions
Many people ask just how to clean these flat fish. Here is a step by step method with pictures to help you clean your flounder.

Night Flounder Gigging
In most states, gigging is a legal method for taking flounder or fluke. Usually done at night, it is more for the adventurous angler, but any of you can go gigging and and come home with some great table fare!

Flounder Worldwide
An excellent exposition on flounder, both left and right eyed families.

Also called the summer flounder in New Jersey.

Here is a new site dedicated to the halibut fishermen.

Northeast Pacific Flatfishes
Here is a publication available from Alaska Sea Grant which covers these fish in depth.

Summer Flounder
Another description from Florida of the flat fish.

Summer Flounder
A good description and methods information from Captain Dave.

Winter Flounder
A good description and fishing methods from Captain Dave.

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