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All About Grouper - Grouper Fishing

One of the Most Sought After Fish on the Gulf and Atlantic Shores


Jason Marsh's Scamp Grouper

Jaosn Marsh caught this 18 pound scamp grouper off of St. Augustine, Florida.

Ron Brooks
Grouper and the entire grouper family have become probably the most popular saltwater food fish in the United States. While there are Pacific varieties, the largest fishery is in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic coast.

Grouper are a bottom fishing charter boat captain’s big ticket item. Most catches are over ten pounds with some well over 100 pounds.

Following is information and some stories about grouper fishing that can help you become a better angler.

Catching a Grouper

  • Catching Grouper - Fishing for Grouper
    The most classic bottom fish for most anglers is the grouper. Whether red, gag, black, yellowfin, or Warsaw, a good grouper in the ice chest means a successful day for lots of folks.
  • Gag Grouper - How to Catch a Gag Grouper
    Gag grouper are the most common grouper up and down the east coast of the US.
  • Trolling for Grouper
    The Southeastern United States provide the best grouper fishing in the world, and they can be taken by any number of means. From gag grouper in at little as ten to twelve feet of water to the mighty Warsaw grouper in several hundred feet of water, all grouper tend to like the same types of baits and presentations whether they are presented on the bottom or by trolling. Just remember, big bait, big fish, small bait, small fish.

Grouper Conservation

  • The Great Grouper Debate
    Stocks of gag and red grouper in the Gulf of Mexico and on the Atlantic Seaboard are being severely reduced. Commercial fishing interests are the convenient whipping boys, but we need to understand that recreational anglers are having an effect as well.
  • Is It Time to Relax the Goliath Grouper (Jewfish) Restrictions?
    Florida, and a number of other states, finally put the clamps on the goliath grouper (jewfish) harvest in the early '90s. Fishing for them became illegal, to the point that if officer friendly caught you with a Calcutta pole or a rope handline, he would confiscate them. You can't prove you weren't going after jewfish with that kind of tackle on board. The fish have come back - is it time to relax the restrictions?

Grouper Fish Stories

  • Two Friends and One Huge Fish
    John Beall, my best friend and I caught a big jewfish together. We were two friends and we caught one big fish!
  • Another Record Catch?
    Catching a huge jewfish on fly is quite a feat - and it takes some help!
  • Calcutta Jewfish
    The biggest fish you ever saw caught on a cane pole!
  • Expect the Unexpected
    Always expect the unexpected. Now if that isn’t the silliest statement I ever heard! Heck if you expect everything, nothing is unexpected! Are you confused? Imagine how confused I was when a jewfish about ninety pounds or so came rolling up on the end of my six-pound test line!
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