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Marine Weather

Weather information for boaters and anglers worldwide.

Warm Winter Fishing
The fish are jumping in the boat during a very warm winter. Here's what's happening in my neck of the woods during this warm weather.

Cold Weather and Old Fishing Rods
When the weather gets really cold, it's hard to get it together to fish! It's uncomfortable and can be down right miserable in 35 degree weather and 20 knot winds.

Fish Migrations
Do fish migrate because of water temperature? If not, why do they seem to always move when teh water temperature changes?

Fishing in the Rain - Reminiscing
Fishing in the rain can be a terrible experience. But, you can catch fish, and if you overcome the wet, damp, and cold, you can have fun. After all - it's fishing!

Four Best Cold Water Fishing Tactics
Use these four tips to help you catch fish in cold water during the winter months. You really do not need to quit fishing just because it's cold!

Cold Weather Fishing
cold front, weather, cold weather fishing, fishing a cold front

Fishing before the Front
Cold fronts come and go all winter long and into the early spring. Along the Atlantic coast, that means winds shifting to the south, then coming from onshore (west, then turning eventually to the north and northeast. Fishing in these conditions can be tricky, but savvy anglers know just where they can fish in high wind conditions that these fronts bring with them. The fish tend to “feed up” on the pressure drop that an approaching front brings.

Just a Jetty Fishing Kind of Day
The winter months are awfully good to me. This is when one good day can put jetty fishing at its best. Sheepshead, redfish, trout, bluefish, and drum – almost all these species can be found on and along the jetties this time of year.

Finding a Fall Fishing Day
Finding the right day to fish can be difficult in the fall. Weather changes and cold fronts play havoc on our plans at times. But, picking the right day can mean some great fishing

Fantastic Fall Fishing
Fall fishing can be fantastic. As the water cools, the fish seem to turn on, and anglers will tell you they are more cooperative than at almost any other time. To take advantage of this fall fishing, a number of things need to be considered.

Dog Days Fishing
Dog Days got their name from the ancient Romans. It seems that the Dog Star, Sirius, in the constellation Canis Major rises with the sun during these, the hottest six to eight weeks of the year. Since it is a bright star, the brightest in the constellation, the Romans thought that it added to the heat of the sun. Therefore the days of July and August bore the heat of both the sun and Dog Star.

The Lull Between the Runs
During the time between winter and spring, fishing on the east coast reaches a lull of sorts. Winter fishing has almost ended and Spring fishing has not quite begun.

Take Advantage of Bad Weather
Sometimes the fishing weather is simply too bad to fish. When bad weather hits, it's time to do something else - like routine maintenance on tackle and equipment.

Weather or Not - Here We Fish Again
Listen to this true fish story. We were in Florida Bay on a hot June afternoon. We were drifting the flats south of Carl Ross Key in about 5 feet of water, catching a few trout and an occasional snapper. The wind was so still, that a good drift was almost impossible.

Weather or Not - Here We Fish
Let's consider something here. When the wind blows hard, it usually means a high pressure area is either on the way or here already. I learned a long time ago that blue bird skies behind a cold front generally means the fish have acquired a sudden case of lockjaw! Even those windless days when the high is sitting right on top of you fail to produce fish. Why is that, you may ask?

Lingering Warm Weather Means Fish
We fished the Northeast Florida coast offshore from St. Augustine and Jacksonville and really caught fish. Red snapper and grouper, that normally would be moving with water temperatures dropping are being taken in record numbers and big sizes all becuase of warm weather.

Fishing the 'In-Between' Season
Summer fishing is over for the most part, and lots of us are preparing for the changes that colder water temperatures bring. Tactics, locations, and tackle choices usually change with the colder weather.

Go With the Wind
Go With the Wind, Fishing in the Wind, Fishing in Bad Weather

Following Sea
Following Sea - a glossary definition

Approaching Storm
Storms and weather are usually not as bad as I depicted here, but when a bad one does come around, you should be able to deal with whatever situation develops. A little smarts on the front end and common sense during the storm can save not only your boat, but also perhaps your life.

Fishing the First Cold Front
Fall fishing can be fantastic in all areas of the country. However, that first cold front that comes through can be a real threat to your catch rate. Planning ahead and modifying your approach can mean the difference between success and failure.

Weather Changes and Fishing Patterns
Weather plays a part of our lives every day, from determining what clothes we wear, to whether or not we can water the lawn. And just like us, fish pay particular attention to a number of weather conditions; one probably more than others is water temperature.

Hurricane Affects Future Fishing
Hurricane Katrina may just have changed fishing habits for all anglers for quite some time to come. Gasoline prices will force us to find new ways to fish.

Dealing with Offshore Thunderstorms
You’re thirty-five miles offshore in a small fishing boat and there is only one path back to the dock. The problem is – a huge thunderstorm has built between you and the dock. What do you do? The decisions you make at this point could literally save your life.

When the Water Warms
Warming water means that fish are about to turn on. Look for warm water in teh winter and you'll usually find fish.

Ready for Fall Fishing
Fall is upon us! I spent the last week waiting to fish because of an extended Nor'easter that has been ripping the coastline of the southeast US. Winds of twenty to thirty miles an hour coupled with building rain storms kept most everyone in port this week. Even the big charters stayed home as seas built to twelve feet and higher.

Does a Storm Affect Your Fishing?
Hurricane season and winter storms both bring to light several questions that are asked every year when storms plow through the Gulf of Mexico and up and down the Atlantic seaboard. Do these storms affect the fishing?

The Effects of Water Temperature
Water temperature plays such an important part in fishing that every angler needs to pay attention and react to even subtle variances. Fish are no different than a lot of animals when it comes to heat and cold. They want to stay comfortable.

Heading Offshore Presents Problems
It%u2019s the time of year right now, when small boaters begin to get brave. After fishing inshore or near shore over the last couple of months and watching the seas flatten out, as they normally do during late summer, people begin to get brave.

Go to Plan Two
I have postponed or cancelled more offshore trips than I care to think about because the forecast was for high winds and heavy seas, only to see the forecast change after I changed plans. I have also been at the boat ramp in twenty knot winds on a day where the forecast was for light and variable.

Set your own city up and personalize your forecast.

Forecasts for North and South Carolina.

Marine Weather Charts
Download up-to-date marine weather charts using FTP.

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