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Guide Picks - Top 3 Heavy Spinning Reels
Heavy spinning reels are used in a variety of fishing situations, from surf fishing to trolling blue water.  They are made tough and will stand up to a reasonable amount of abuse.
1) Daiwa EMcast
  This reel is a heavy duty entry from Daiwa designed specifically for surf fishing.  The design allows long casts and even line retrieval on the spool.  Made with over six stainless ball bearings, this one will stand up to saltwater..
2) Penn Spinfisher 7500SS
Long famous for American made quality, this is Penn's biggest spinning reel.  This one will work as well for surf as it will for offshore trolling.  It's a heavy reel designed for heavy fish.
3) Shimano BTR-6500A
The Baitrunner's unique feature that allows a semi-freespool operation makes it ideal for free line drifting a live bait makes this one a good choice.  It has a waterproof drag and large line capacity and is built with 3 ball bearings.


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