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Top 4 Guide Picks - Light Tackle Spinning Reels


Light tackle spinning reels are reels that are ideal for inshore angling. Line capacity and strength in the 8 to 15 pound test range make them good for a variety of fish.

1. Shimano Symetre 1500

Shimano Symetre 1500
This reel comes from the midrange of Shimano's spinning reels. It has four ball bearings and Shimano's Super Stopper II anti-reverse rollers and interchangeable left or right hand retrieves, a standard Shimano feature.

2. Daiwa Black Gold BG15

Daiwa's Black Gold Series can handle any saltwater fishing you have. The BG15 is a light tackle size, perfect for inshore casting and lines up to 15 pound test. I have used these reels for a number of years with very good results.

3. Penn Slammer 460 Reel

This is a bit of a heavyweight among light spinning reels, but it is Penn quality with a solid metal housing.
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4. Shakespeare Catera Spinning Reel

This is a relatively low priced reel that really works as well its higher priced cousins. The six bearing s make it very smooth.
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