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Two Lures for Trout – Seatrout Fishing

Catching Seatrout on Two Different Lures Presented a Problem


Two Lures for Trout – Seatrout Fishing
Two Lures for Trout – Seatrout Fishing I was presented with an interesting dilemma on a recent trip. I was in a school of seatrout on a falling tide and I could catch them on either of two lures that I had. One was a blue and silver suspending Rapala. The other was a swim tail grub on a jig head in an electric chicken color.

The Dilemma

Every time I hooked a fish on the Rapala, it was a good sized fish – maybe three or four pounds – but because of the soft mouth I ended up loosing the fish with a pulled hook. When I fished the jig head, I easily brought fish into the boat, but they were all shorter than the legal limit.

Loosing Fish

The reason the hooks were pulling on the Rapala was that I had to horse the fish to keep them off the oyster bars that were just under the surface. The jigs hooked up well and held while the Rapala usually hooked the soft tissue inside or outside the mouth. When I pulled hard to direct the fish off the oysters, the hooks usually pulled free.


I thought that my only solution this day was to fish the jig and end up with smaller fish. But, I did manage to boat several nice trout on the Rapala after I made a minor modification. The hooks that came with the lure were “saltwater” hooks – not very sharp and fairly bulky. They may be alright for a big red drum, but for these big seatrout, I needed something that would stick and hold a little better.

Hook Change

I changed the hooks on the lure and replaced them with sharper freshwater hooks. These hooks penetrated better than the bulkier standard hooks, and allowed me to horse the bigger trout off the oyster bars.

Make a Choice

I did catch a few more large trout, but I chose to stay with the jig for the remainder of the day. It was a matter of choosing to catch a lot of smaller fish rather than fewer big fish. I had what I wanted to take home in the live well, so the rest of the day I spent having fun with catch and release.
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