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Tides and Tide Table

Information on tide table and conditions worldwide.

Look for Moving Water to Find Fish
Tidal currents can mean the difference between a successful fishing day and a not-so-hot fishing day. Plan to fish the tidal currents - moving water - if you want to catch fish.

Watch the Tides!
Every time I head out from a boat ramp, I look at the tide situation and I tell myself – I need to do a piece on watching the tides.

Winds Change Tidal Times
While the relative positions of the sun and moon dictate tide times and water heights, many people don’t realize what an important role the wind can play. Winds of fifteen knots or more can significantly affect fishing efforts that are timed to coincide with a tide change. It happened again recently on a trip timed to catch the incoming tide.

Take What the Tide Gives You
I believe that if these people knew a little more about the tides and fish habits relative to the tides, they would catch many more fish. I have places that I fish only on an incoming tide, because I know the fish will be there as the water moves in. I also have places I fish on an outgoing tide for the same reason.

An All Day Low
Fishing inshore in saltwater dictates that the tide will play a part ion your day. Some fish hit in certain areas on an incoming tide, some hit on an outgoing tide. Some anglers prefer one tide over another.

Fishing with the Tide
Being in the right place at the right time is perhaps the most important part of a successful fishing foray. If you aren't where the fish are, you can be assured you will not be catching anything. Water level, water movement, and movement direction - in other words tide - all play a vital role in where the fish will be located.

Maine Harbors
Individual monthly tide charts for 144 Harbors from Eastport, ME, to Greenwich, CT

Maine Through Virginia
Select from over 100 sites to get accurate tide and current information.

North Carolina through the Florida Keys
Select from over 100 sites to get accurate tide and current information.

Pro Tides
This is very possibly the best tide chart website I have used. It is easy to navigate and easy to read. Covers over 3000 US Coastal tide stations.

A source for tide, moon, and sun predictions for the Gulf Coast, Florida Keys, and the Atlantic Ocean Coast.

U.S. Gulf Coast
Select from over 100 sites to get accurate tide and current information.

U.S. West Coast
Select from over 100 sites to get accurate tide and current information.    

Mercarta Ocean Map Server
The goal of the Ocean Map Server is to provide map images of data gathered by NOAA Buoys and in turn support outdoor enthusiast in the pursuit of ocean related activities. The Ocean Map Server also generates suitability maps for specific activities. These maps can be used to quickly identify suitability for activities such as surfing or going to the beach.

Ride the Tide to Fishing Success!
One of the most important factors in the success of onshore anglers is tidal movement. Here's how to use this valuable data to help you catch more fish!

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