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Catching False Albacore off the North Carolina Coast
It's time to take your heavy fly tackle out and chase some false albacore. Mid-Atlantic states are covered up with them in the fall months.

There’s Still Tuna Out There - Blurfin Tuna That Is
Captain Nick shares his story on catching a nice bluefin tuna off of Stellwagen Bank

Catching bluefin tuna in the northeast US is exciting and rewarding.
Catching bluefin tuna in the northeast US is exciting and rewarding.

Ron and John on a Long Range Trip
We left May 26th on the Q-105 boat out of San Diego. John Kline and John Grabosky, two of the best captains around, were in command of a six-day long range yellowtail trip to Cedros and Benitos Islands. Thirty-three people were on board plus the crew; all but three were fishing. John and I were part of the fishing group of thirty.

Praying to the Tuna Gods
It seems when a big yellowfin is hooked, most anglers end up on their knees at the stern of the boat trying to hold on and praying for someone to take the rod from them! John and the other mates are always glad to help out!

Atlantic Bonito
Good description of this part of the tuna family.

Big Eye Tuna Research
A commercial fishing point of view on these huge tuna.

Chum Chucker
Here is a unique method of chumming for tuna and keeping the fish interested.

Fish Finder
North Carolina fisheries folks have some good information on tuna. Pelagic Fisheries Research Program Being studied from Hawaii, the Pelagic Fisheries Research Program (PFRP) was established in 1992 after the Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act (1976) was amended to include "highly migratory fish".

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