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Fishing Methods and Types

Information and links on all types of saltwater fishing
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  2. Fishing Tournaments (17)
  3. How To Fish (23)
  4. Kayak Fishing (21)
  5. Kite Fishing (2)
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  7. Surf Fishing (22)
  8. Youth Fishing (3)

How Much Fishing Line Do I Need?
Fishing line needs to be fresh and it needs to be the right size. So, how much line do I need on a reel?

Keeping Your Secret Fishing Spots Secret
I keep most of my fishing spots as secret as I can. Sometimes there are some things I have to do to keep them that way!

Too Much Fishing Pressure?
Are your favorite fishing spots being over-fished because someone else is fishing them when you aren't?

Can I Catch Fish in the Same Place Every Time?
I have a number of favorite fishing locations, but I try not to over fish them. This is how I deal with a good fishing spot.

How to Perfect a Favorite Fishing Spot
You can make your favorite even better by paying attention to the details surrounding the area you are fishing.

How to Fish a Grass Flat – Fishing Shallow Water
Skinny water or shallow water fishing generally means being on a flat. Fish feed in the skinny or shallow water. Here are some basics for fishing on a shallow water flat.

Learn to Fish on Every Fishing Trip
No matter how old you are or how long you have been fishing, you can always learn something you did not know. And you can do this on every fishing trip!

Fishing Bridge Pilings
Bridges offer perhaps the best structure around that attracts and holds fish. Here's how to fish around some bridge pilings.

Where Do I Fish?
I plan my fishing and then fish my plan. But I always wonder if I had the best plan!

Today’s Fishing Plan
Your fishing success could improve dramatically if you planned your trip ahead of time.

How to Fish Around Docks
One type of fishing we all do is dock fishing. Here are some tips on how I fish a dock and why I fish it that way.

Change Baits to Catch Fish
When the fish stop biting, it may be time to switch fishing locations. But wait - maybe all you need to do is change baits! Here's how I handle that situation.

Waiting for the Fish to Bite – Catching the Right Tide
Sometimes you have to wait on the tide for the fish to bite. I learned this in person with a famous South Florida Charter Captain, Walter Mann.

Fishing Reef to Reef and Wreck to Wreck
Plan your offshore trips to conserve fuel and make the most efficient use of your fishing time.

Fishing Plan for a Cold Morning
Cold days after a front can be productive - if you have a plan and follow that plan during your fishing day.

Where Do I Fish Today?
Decide where you will fish before you ever leave the house. Use these tips to help you make your fishing game plan.

Are We Overfishing Our Honey Holes?
Our honey holes are where we can usually depend on catching fish. Are they getting overfished?

Plan Your Fishing Trip
A fishing plan will help you be more successful and allow you to more efficienlty use your resources and fuel!

Structure Fishing
Fishing on structure means fishing on and around things that are in the water. These "things" - like jetties, oyster bars,m, and reefs attract fish, and that's why we fish around them. Here are some tips of catching fish around structure.

First Fall Fishing Trip
Cool weather in the fall means that fishing is picking up. Here are some tips for fall fishing.

How to Fish Around Oyster Bars
Fishing around an oyster bar takes some specific techniques. Anchoring properly and presenting your bait properly are necessary to properly fish around an oyster bar.

How to Fish Docks and Piers
Fishing a dock or a pier can be tricky, but it is easy if you follow these simple tips.

How to Fish Channels
Anchoring and fishing along the edge of a channel, whether man-made or natural, can be an awesome way to find and catch fish.

Fishing Ledges
Learn how to fish a deep water ledge. These tips can help you anchor, drift or troll properly over this deep water structure.

Combat Fishing
Finding a place to fish on a holiday weekend can be a quite a combative event

Fishing Natural Reef Formations
Fishing over a natural reef or underwater rock pile takes some coordination and knowledge. It's not just a matter of dropping a bait down. Use these tips to help you catch more fish.

What to Do When the Fish Stop Biting
The fish are biting, and more importantly you are catching! Things are going great until all of a sudden, the fish stop. It’s as if someone turned off a water faucet. Did we catch them all? I’ve been inshore and offshore, bottom fishing and drifting, and this has happened to me more than once. For a long time I thought it might be something I did wrong. But, there are good reasons for t…

Keeping a Fishing Log
Keeping a fishing log as Captain Walter Mann did can insure future fishing success

Springtime Pogie Fishing on the Beaches
Several things come clear in the early spring. The main thing for me is the water. I’m not sure what makes the water stay so clear, but it seems that we have more days of fishing clear water in the spring than nay other time. It's time for cobia and big red drum or redfish.

Fishing Close to Home
With the economy in the tank and everyone trying to figure a way to save some cash, I thought I would give something a try. What if I just fished within several hundred yards of the boat ramp? What if I didn’t make a long run – or any run for that matter – to get to some fish? I tried that recently and found out that you can catch fish close to home!

Fishing the Backwater - Saltwater Marshes
Saltwater marshes are a part of the estuary system, the nursery if you will, for a variety of fish. They are comprised of a number of winding creeks, sloughs, and flats that change dramatically with the incoming and outgoing tide.

Economical Fishing
The world economy has all of us under the gun so to speak. In one way or another all of us fishermen – anglers – are affected. This is especially true if you fish from a boat powered by gasoline or diesel fuel. So what’s a guy (gal) to do? You know, fishing has a soothing effect on me – calms my frayed nerves and lets me get my mind off of the crumbling economy. But, can I even afford to fish any more? I believe we can.

The High Cost of Fishing
As I look around my area these days, it seems more and more boats are showing up with “For Sale” signs on them. Most of these boats are big-engine gas guzzlers that people are trying to offload because of the rising fuel prices in the US. Many of them have twin engines, which drink even more fuel.

Imagine Night Fishing
Imagine what it would be like fishing out here for snapper at night! I had heard that phrase so many times from my father over the years that I became convinced that night fishing was far superior to daytime fishing. It was with those images of monster mangrove snapper that my wife and I made the decision to fish that night.

Deep Jigging
Somewhere along the way one of the most versatile fishing lures ever devised received the name "jig". Probably either because the molds they are made from or the mechanism used to hold them while they are being tied, are called jigs. Either way the term has come to mean a particular style of fishing with a particular type of lure - fishing with a jig.

Night Reef Fishing Tactics Saltwater Fishing
Night fishing can be very easy and a lot of fun, or it can be a perfectly miserable experience. The difference comes in how you prepare for the trip. I have fished more times at night than I can count, and I learned quite a few tricks to make it easy and successful.

The Saltwater Fly Explosion
But now, for some very obvious reasons, I have it bad. "It" is the fly fishing bug, and it is hitting everyone up and down the east coast of the United States. "It" caused me to spend several hundred dollars on a new rod and reel just this week. I e-mailed Sam to tie me a few clousers and deceivers, and I could hear the chuckle coming right through his reply!

Always Fishing with Friends
I have fished with friends all my life. Lots of those friends are family members, but they also are friends. My wife and grown children are the best friends I have – and they are the ones I with whom I have the greatest joy fishing.

Night Reef Fishing Tactics
Night fishing can be very easy and a lot of fun, or it can be a perfectly miserable experience. The difference comes in how you prepare for the trip. I have fished more times at night than I can count, and I learned quite a few tricks to make it easy and successful.

What to Do When the Fish Stop Biting
What to Do When the Fish Stop Biting. Did the fish really quit - or is there something else causing you to loose the bite?

Fishing in the Wind and Crowds
If the wind is really blowing offshore, the inshore waters become crowded with weekend anglers who end up crowding each other out of the fish.

Saltwater kayak fishing is rapidly increasing in popularity. Learn more about this stealthy and ecological friendly way of catching more and bigger fish!

Enjoy a Baja Panga Adventure!
The panga is a small, sturdy craft that is the backbone of Baja sportfishing. Learn how to take advantage of this exciting angling alternative on your next trip south of the border.

Catching Marlin With Rigged Bait

Take a Kid Pier Fishing!
The coastal public fishing pier is one place where the whole family can relax and catch a few fish without spending much money. Here's where to go, and what to do!

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