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Reader Stories: Reader Submitted Fishing Stories and Pictures


Got a fish story and or a picture? We can publish the story and picture for you right here on the Saltwater Fishing website! Just go to the input form or click on "Tell Us All About It" below.

Many Spots on Josh's Redfish

It was caught in early May in a deep mangrove pocket. Off Cayo Costa, Pine Island Sound, Florida. We had passed this spot many times with out giving it a second look. For some reason we decided to an…More

Sugarbear Gene's Big Bayou la Batre Redfish

Caught on shore in the gulf waters of the sleepy little town of Bayou la Batre, the fishing capital of Alabama, at the state dock using a Penn reel mounted on a seven foot medium action catfish rod …More

Tons of Redfish

Leaving the TC dike we looked for mullet to use as bait--we had a couple of cast nets, but there was no mullet to be found. Finally we saw some seagulls diving in the water near the Bolivar ferry lan…More

Fishing with Skip 11-25-11

On Nov 25, 2011 I went fishing with a Skip on my boat out the Little Egg Inlet, New Jersey and started Jigging with Ava 47's. We caught 2 stripers each within 2 hrs. We were fishing in 20-30 feet of …More

Delaware Bay Striped Bass and Bluefish Caught by Bob Bunch

Caught them while fishing BILLS SPORT SHOP AND IRISH EYES STRIPER TOURNAMENT on the 27th of November 2011 at Overfall Shoals at the mouth of the Delaware Bay. Caught on 20lb braid while drifting live…More

George Bopp's Striped Bass

trawling with bunker spoons,, along the Rockaway coast line 30 ft of water,, High tide, and the feeding time started around, 3;00 in the afternoon,,,and just did not stop,,,by 500 ,,you could barely …More

This is the first sailfish caught on boat "Pole Dancer"

Both fish were caught in realtively the same area but on different days. The sail was actually sighted after lines were put out and was enticed by using live pilchards to bring it in close. Great tim…More

Panama Big Game Snapper Fishing

Isla Coiba, Hannibal Bank, Isla Montuosa and other famous Panama sportfishing destinations.Chucking up with sardines then free lining, surface poppers, live Bonito off of the bottom and vertical jigg…More

John's Big Dhuie

It was Saturday 25 September 2010, the day of the AFL Grand Final, and my friend Tony invited me to come fishing on his boat. We headed off from Ocean Reef Marina at approximately 6am and steamed due…More

Two Big Stiped Bass

Off the Rockaway Beaches, using white bunker spoons,,I set 2 of them out, troll at 4 miles per hour in about 30 feet of water on June 4th. I started the troll at about 4:00 pm, and it got better as t…More

Light Line Yellowtail Caught Off Catalina

I caught the yellowtail on a fly lined sardine off Catalina island. Fly lining a sardine means using no weight and just a hook and a live sardine for bait. The hook size was a 1/0 hook and 15 pound t…More

Red Rrum Charters Cabo - Ballyhood 'Payback'' lure

Fishing out of Newport, Oregon trolling a Ballyhood "Albacore Allstar" lure in the 3rd wake back. I find it increases the catch rate if albacore tuna lures are tolled close to the boat, just like the…More

Hole in the Wall'' Abacos-- 65 lb wahoo

Abacos, Bahamas-- Hi speed trolling - using a black - red Ballyhood "Wahoo Express" lure-- at approx 14 knot speed -- 50 lb class outfit-- we have learned that when we troll at higher speeds up to 2…More

72 lb Dorado (Dolphin) -- "Slammer'' lure--Panama

Caught by Manuel Barrocal trolling a Ballyhood dolphin/dorado "Slammer" lure in a color pink/whiteLocation Panama City, Panama If you need help with catching any thing world wide or recommendations o…More

Strange Fish

I caught it in the Indian River, Vero Beach, Florida. I was using a rod and reel and using frozen shrimp as bait. I have no idea what kind of fish this is. That is what I'm trying to find out . All I…More

High Speed Wahoo Trolling

Caught by Billy Bowman at Cat Island in the Bahamas, fishing out of Hawks Nest Marina on his boat 'Cow Hunter'Billy has won several tournaments and is one of the most informed fishermen in South Flor…More

Bottom Fishing at Cedar Key

We went to Ten Three Hole off Cedar Key (12 miles off shore) and looked for rocky bottoms. 30-32 feet deep. Unsuccessful at catching pinfish for bait but sardines worked just fine. We caught all of t…More

Trinity Bay, Texas Seatrout

This was a birthday trip for Ray. We used soft plastics to catch these fish. On this day color didn't matter that much, but it was a calm day and water clarity was good and the darker colors worked b…More

Ray Steele Sheepshead Fishing in South Carolina

My fishing and golfing friend, Harry Parker and I were itching to go to the SC coast for some fall fishing. I went to pick Chris Hook's brain about current fishing for redfish and trout. Chris' and h…More

Big Speckled Trout

"Slip", Float-rig fishing in the big St. Johns River, near Mayport, Florida. With Nick W. Anchored up in 20' and letting float w/ live shrimp drift over a drop, to 26'.Sheakespeare Ugly Stik 7' 6" St…More

Angler with Seaside Park, New Jersey Black Drum

It was caught on Clam in South Seaside Park, New Jersey just after midnight Mon.10/12. It had been a slow day for fishing from the rough surf the day before. This fisherman and his two buddies braved…More

John's 299 lb Yellowfin Tuna

Long Range - off Baja Mex out of San Diego Ca on the Vagabond on a 10 day trip. This was caught on 100lb test with live bait. Just under 300lb - John caught this on day 6 of the trip. The boat leaves…More

8 Pound Redfish

I caught this Red on yum worm brown pumpkin green tail and jig I was using a 6'6" bait casting rod with a Shimano Curado 100 with power pro 10lb. We were fishing tailing red fish in the early morning…More

First BIG fish

We were fishing out of the Ft. Pierce Inlet about 8 miles out in 90" of water off a 24.5' Everglades boat. I was using a Shimano Baitrunner 6500B reel on a 7' Shimano Talavera rod - I make my own wir…More

My First Snook and Biggest Redfish

I was wading at night using a lighted bobber and shrimp. Without a moon is was easy to see the bobber dive, but I could not see the line or feel it get tight. After what seemed forever, I saw a light…More

25 inch full color redfish

I was fishing with a chartreuse Gulp swimming mullet on a 1/4 ounce 3/0 jig head. Casting up against a spartina grass island in the salt marshes, I was looking for flounder when this guy almost took …More

North Florida Redfish

Fishing an outgoing tide with a jig head and a Gulp chartreuse swim tail grub. We were fishing the Jacksonville, Florida area called Mill Cove, just in front of the Dames Point bridge. The water is s…More

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