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Readers Respond: Building a Flounder Gigging Boat

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GSF, it's a 1/0, stout saltwater hook. Tie a heavy cleosur on one of these, throw it with a 350 grain sinking line in a 20 knot wind, and you'd better be ready to duck.That reminds me, I have new hole to patch in my rain shell...
—Guest eoDZDhMhBUmo

building a flounder boat

I would like to build a flounder boat. I currently have a 10 foot Alumacraft which may be to small.
—Guest Norm Ellison


Would like to see your system for lighting. All of my lights are out of the water shooting down and out. Thanks!

chatham plmbing co

I have been building a flounder gigging boat and fishing for flounder and trout along the Savannah,GA area. When I go fishing I come back with nothing,if I had to live by fishing I would be gone from this world a long time ago. Help! How about fresh water? I like catfish, bream and bass. What kind of fish gear and tackle should I use? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks, Carvel
—Guest carvel cribbs

Building a Flounder Gigging Boat

I built one using a jon boat two years ago. I will send photos if you will give me an address. I can answer any questions you have about what I did after you see the photos. There are things I like about it and things I would do different. For starters. I begin with a 14 x48 jon boat. That is two small if you are going to put an air motor on it. I don't recommend using push poles if you are over 50. They are a lot of work. I built my lights using airplane landing lights and they are submersible. That cuts down on the glare on the water. Be glad to give more detail after you look at photos. Always enjoy your articles. Good luck on your catching. Wayne Pedigo Cleburne, TX. rwayne@charter.net
—Guest Wayne Pedigo

Flounder Gig Boat

I have never done this but found a couple of links that may help a bit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efYgMsyle0Y http://nightstalkerguideservice.com/pictures/newboat/index.htm http://www.flounder-gigging.blogspot.com/ http://www.fishingkites.co.nz/flounder_fishing/flounder_gigging_lights.html This may point you in the right direction.

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