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Readers Respond: Readers - Give Us Your Flounder Catching Secrets

Responses: 19


Share your own flounder catching secrets (if you want to give them away!). No need to give up your honey holes, but you can help other anglers be as successful as you are right here!

Pirates Den L.E.D. lures

I, too, have used those L.E.D. lures when fishing and found them to be a fantastic product. Normally, I fish around BC, but sometimes tow my boat to various places around Washington and Oregon. Holy crap, they work !! I've used the same lure to catch halibut, flounder, rockfish, lingcod & salmon. I was amazed at how the fish respond to that light. Anyways, I have family in Texas and in Florida that fish and when I told my uncle in Texas about these lures, he wanted me to send him some. I bought a few and sent them to him. He has reordered from Pirates Den since. He said he always limit out. His stepson lives in Florida and fishes the coast there. He swears by Pirates Den's lure, now. I don't troll alot, mostly casting or fast jigging but one day, I will get setup to troll. From what I read, the bite only gets better when trolling them. For flounder, I drop my line with a weight about 18 inches above the lure and will smack bottom a few time, rest for 15 seconds and pull in a fish.
—Guest fishlip

rock monkey

try flounder fishing around rocks with minnow or mullet small spot with no weight or small split shot (no float) bait will swim around rocks and flounder grab them with this method you will get snaged a lot but the rewards are worth it
—Guest raymond hoffman

rock monkey

flounder love rock piles the question is how do you catch flounder in a rock plie?SLIP FLOATS for yrs. i have been fishing rock piles with slip floats and let it drift around the rocks flounder will come up quit a distance to grab a minnow or finger mullet with this live line method put on your slip float tie a rubber band on your line you intend to fish (a foot or two above the bottom)put a small sinker to pull the line through the sinker with minnow below that i have caught as high as 60 in a day just fishing around rocks, jetties, rocky bottoms, or around any structure. flounder will literly lay right on top of rocks and in between and charge out after bait on high tide and low. i will send another idea i use later
—Guest raymond hoffman jr

Bryan's Best Bait

3/8 oz white jig head with a green rubber skirt with a 3in live bait, you will never use anything else. Don't give up on it.
—Guest killin time charters

L.E.D. squid lures

I bought a LED squid lure from Pirates Den Fishing and used it to catch halibut with good results. [ Also caught lingcod and salmon, too] Anyway, the squid lure was sized perfectly for halibut but too big for flounder. I contacted the company and low and behold, they also had smaller versions for smaller fish. I bought some. Haven't tried them out yet but come spring, I will be off the Texas coast !!
—Guest Conner

great new flounder rig with squid

I use this in the Puget Sound in WA it works all year for flounder and fluke in pretty much any weather I am in a small boat and 4-20 feet of water and I anchor and cast about 40 times if nothing happens I move this is for a sandy bottom. Attach your main line to a 3 way swivel to bottom circle on swivel, put a 1-2 ounce round weight, on top circle in swivel attach 2 feet of 20 pound leader and 2 1/0 circle hooks tied one after the other at end spaced however big your squid needs to be. I will cast as far out as possible let it sit 20-30 seconds then reel a couple feet maybe 5 or 6 then repeat till it is at the boat then let sit for a min or 2 then reel in if nothing bit. I use a stout 7-foot rod and a reel spooled with 20 pound line and a smooth drag, set low. It should look like your squid is hugging the bottom with the the weight on the same level every time you reel it kicks up the sand up like a bait fish digging in the sand for food. This is fast,easy,cheap and efficent.
—Guest greg

poor mans drift fishing

I dont nor have i ever own a boat, so the long oved tecnique of drift fishing was not a option for me. One day while trout fishing i inadvertantly rig the line under my poppin cork to long. This caused the live shrimp to drift along the bottom with the tide. No trout that day but three back toback keeper flounder.
—Guest brockett

live lining snappers

Using snapper blues for bait works well for fluke, weakfish and stripers too.

Live Bait and leader rig

I like to use a Carolina drop rig with a slip weight above the 12-15" leader and a No. 3-4 treble hook. For bait I like mud-minnows. Flounder love them and they are easier to keep alive. They also live longer in captivity than finger mullet. I like them too! I've caught some huge flounder on eight to ten inch mullet. They have a big mouth and can swallow a big bait. The bigger the bait the bigger the fish, right! My dream is to get into some huge saddle blanket's in November or October. The ones that weigh fifteen plus pounds! Oh, they're out there alright........Happy Angling!
—Guest Glenn L. Daugherty

Flounder Bite

The article is so right about that first bite...often I think im slightly hung up on debris....but just stop and let the fish take the bait(here on cental gulf coast..Mobile,Al...its Bull Minnow/Fingerling Miller)...be patient ...takes 1-3 mins
—Guest jim

squid and spearing

i usually go out on a party boat and fish with usually a 3 ounce weight spearing and a peice of squid. this is known as the classic way from where im at. then i just let the current take it and lift up on the pole approximately every 10 seconds.
—Guest jimmy


I live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and i love the flounder fishing here. One of my favorite techniques is casting a pink gulp with a red jig head around the marshes and by the docks of pirates cove Marina, and Oregon Inlet marina. I have pulled out many keepers this way and love every second of it. If u want to catch big flounder in quantity come to the OBX.
—Guest mikeySOBX

carolina rig

1 ounce egg weight 1 red or green small barrel swivel 1/0 42degree wide bend hook live minnow, mullet,pogy,mud minnow fish with the speed of the current. i also troll for flounder, 6 rods at one time. go against the current and go slow in a zig zag pattern to cover more ground. in high current situations you have to let more line out or use bigger egg weights. works in water 3-12 feet of water best. the flounder will simply grab hold and ride with you, just lift out of the rod holder and set the hook all at once. i use medium heavy baitcasting rods with 17pound cajun redline, the heavy line is for pulling free from oysters with out having to reel in and reset 5 other poles b/c one got hung. this method is great in the Cape Fear River around Oak island Holden Beach, and Bald Head Island. Go Wolfpack!!
—Guest jason

ne flounder

i have fished flounder since i was a boy with my father, we did mostly pier fishing and ive found that blood worm or fresh squid strips have worked well, along with a 1 or 2 ounce sinker and the leader as close to the botom s poossible without draggind
—Guest Tom

flounder killer bait

striips of bluefish belly are the best flounder bait known to me.
—Guest john judd
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