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If You Are Looking for Solid Information About Saltwater Fishing ...You've Come to the Right Place!


Some of the finest saltwater fishing on the planet takes place in the Sea of Cortez, which famed outdoor writer, Ray Cannon, once referred to as 'the giant fish trap'.  One of the best ways to begin fishing this area is on a 6-day panga mothership trip out of San Felipe.  This Longfin Tackle photo of a successful angler with a 350-pound black sea bass tells the whole story.

Saltwater Fishing Spotlight10

Pump Your Own Natural Baits!

Finding and catching quality natural baits for onshore fishing can be challenging and a bit frustrating at times ...unless you own one of these great tools for the shore angler!

Do Fish Attractants and Scented Baits Really Work?

Successful anglers are always trying to find additional ways to enhance the effectiveness of their artificial lures. Take a look at some of the newly developed fish attractants that may hold an answer to their quest.

Battle the Giant Trevally!

Whether you call them Giant Trevally, Ulua or GT, this over-sized member of the Jack Family will definitely put a bend in your rod and a smile on your face. Here is where and how to find and catch them.

Buying a New Saltwater Spinning Reel? Here Are the Latest Top 3

Saltwater spinning reels are rapidly gaining popularity with even the most seasoned anglers. New models are stronger, smoother and capable of handling larger fish than ever before. Here are a few of the latest to receive a top rating.

Pacific Bonito: The Small but Feisty Tuna

The Pacific bonito is the smallest member of the tuna family, yet it offers the spirited fight of a fish twice its size. A staple of summertime party boat anglers, it is also great smoked or as sashimi. Here's how to catch them!

Use the Power of Plastic Lures to Catch More Fish!

The advent of soft plastic fishing lures a few decades ago has revolutionized the world of both fresh and saltwater fishing. Here's how to select the right ones to help you catch more fish!

Catch the Tasty Pacific Scuplin: California’s Scorpionfish

The Pacific sculpin, also known as the California scorpion fish, is a common catch for inshore party boat anglers. Carefully avoid its stinging spines, and then enjoy the firm, delicate fillets as gourmet table fare!

How to Catch a Roosterfish

The roosterfish (Nematistius pectoralis) is an exotic and popular gamefish species that has a range spanning from Baja California all the way down the coast into Peru and the Galapagos Islands. Here's how to hook and land one!

Ride the Tide to Fishing Success!

One of the most important factors in the success of onshore anglers is tidal movement. Here's how to use this valuable data to help you catch more fish!

Catching California's Sheephead

The California sheephead is an increasingly popular fish with kelp bed anglers in both southern California and Baja. Learn the best techniques for hooking up with one of them here!

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