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Ron Brooks

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Ron is an experienced fisherman and award winning outdoor writer. If it swims in saltwater, Ron has probably fished for it or written about it at some point during his career.


Ron was born in Miami and spent his childhood there and in Key West. He has fished from Maine to California, and most points in between. He is an experienced fisherman, an award-winning outdoor writer and a Coast Guard trained boat captain with over 48 years on the water. He is a member of the Georgia Outdoor Writers Association (GOWA), Florida Outdoor Writers Association (FOWA), and the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA). For the past ten years Ron has won awards in the Excellence in Craft (EIC) competition from the Georgia Outdoor Writers Association. He had the top electronic media story for seven of those years, and the top outdoor magazine article in 2006.

By Ron Brooks:

I provide links to all of the important information available on saltwater fishing on the Web. New links every week and new articles on timely subjects, fishing reports, marine weather - everything you need to make your next fishing trip successful.

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