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Fishing Baits and Fishing Lures

Saltwater fishing bait company and fishing lure manufacturers web sites. Many offer direct online ordering

How to Pour Lead Head Jigs
I make all my own jig heads by pouring melted lead into specialized molds. You can buy the molds and obtain the lead to make your own jigs. Here's how I do it.

How to Hook a Live Shrimp with a Jig Head
Using live shrimp on a jig head is perhaps my favorite presentation. These three tips show you the ways I hook a live shrimp to a jig head.

Fishing with an Old Lure
I picked up a very old lure of mine and decided to use it. Then I regretted using it, fearing I would loose it to a fish!

Fishing a Jig Head All Day
A jig head can be fished in so many ways that it is entirely possible to fish with only this lure all day long. I know - I have done it many times.

Fishing with Pogies
A favorite bait for most all Atlantic Coast fishermen is the menhaden shad, also known as the pogey. Here are some tips on how to fish with them.

Give us your opinion and rate this Gulp product
User reviews for the Gulp 4 inch Swimming Mullet Bait See submissions

Choosing Your Fishing Bait
One of the biggest decisions you will make as you had out fishing is choosing which bait you will use. The whole idea behind bait is to attract a fish and entice him to eat that bait. So, making the right bait choice can often mean the difference between success and failure on the water.

Cool Water Baitfish – The Mullet Run
Up and down the east coast of the Untied States, a fall phenomenon is taking place – the annual baitfish migration that many of us call the “mullet run”. Huge schools of mullet and other baitfish are moving south, and the fish are right in their wake. Actually, the fish are under around and among all of them.

Fishing On a Ballyhoo Bait Boat
When I was much younger, one of my friends was from a whole family of commercial fishermen. Originally from North Carolina, his dad ran a charter boat out of Miami in the winter months and out of Hatteras in the summer months. My friend’s older brother was a bait fisherman – specifically a ballyhoo bait fisherman.

Fish On Lures
SPINE EEL soft plastic lures are made with a patented "internal mesh backbone". The soft plastic body of the SPINE EEL is injection molded around the backbone. The backbone makes the lure extremely tear resistant and prevents the hook from being pulled out of the lure.

Missing Fish Strikes on Artificials
Short strikes; missed fish; pulled hooks. A lot of anglers complain about missing fish. Artificial baits and lures are most often blamed for these misses; but, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the lures are defective.

Bite-A-Bait Floater Fishing Lures
Bite-A-Bait's new floater lure works well on a number of fish species.

In the Chum Line
Chumming for fish will increase your catch. Try some chum next time you go. Put a chum bag over and see the results.

Fiddling for Bait - Fiddler Crabs
So it was that we devised a way to catch our own bait this particular day. We actually drew up plans and constructed a method that we had both heard about but never attempted. We were going to catch our weight in fiddler crabs! Yes, those little sideways running dudes that roam the sandy flats at low tide were prime bait at this time of year. The sheepshead bite was on and fiddlers were like a steak dinner to them.

The Right Bait
Catching your own bait with a cast net or Sabiki rig is economical and can be fun.

Jigs, Molds, Sinkers and Bucktails
To save money and keep me from counting pennies while I fish, I pour my own sinkers and jig heads, and usually wrap my own bucktails. I remember growing up watching and learning from my father just how to pour lead with a sinker or jig mold. His method won't work for me today, and you'll see why as I explain it.

Live Bait is the Key
Catching a lot of fish means using live bait - it is better than any other.

Catch What Bites
Sometimes you need to catch what bites when bottom fishing rather than fish for what doesn't bite.

Acres of Bait
Catching Bait, Buying Bait, What Kind of Bait to Use, Fishing

Live Bait Rules - A Dilemma
We were bottom fishing some twnety miles offshore over an artificial reef, using small live fish for bait. One of our favorite live bottom baits is a small vermillion snapper - a beeliner. Grouper and red snapper love these fish, and I have used them for years - that is up until now.

Angler's Marina
A full service marina with bait, tackle and charters in Lewes Harbor, Delaware.

Have your rigged bait shipped directly to you overnight.  Some impressive credits from this bait company.

Betty and Nick's
This Jersey Seashore shop carries a full line of bait, tackle, rods and reels "to satisfy your fishing needs."

Big Game Offshore Baits and Lures Online
Here's an all offshore bait rigging concern in Miami.  Looks like their rigging work is good for a variety of offshore baits.  Buy them rigged or unrigged.

Introducing the world's only soft, interchangeable body fishing lure system - The Cotee Buttoneye Minnow.

Dan's Custom Flys
Saltwater Flies by Dan's Custom Flys for Saltwater Flyfishing around the world.  All flies tied in the U.S.A. by award winning fly tier Danny Sauvageau.

DJ's Lures
Saltwater salmon and halibut lures from Vancouver, BC.

Demon Jigs and Deep Water Lures
Try these jigs and lures from Down Under in Australia!  They look to be dynamite!

Eye Catcher Lures
Eye Catcher has been around for 18 years supplying offshore fishermen with top quality and innovative trolling lures, trolling teasers and custom pre-made rigs with a proven track record.

Hurley Lures
The Striper Magnet has enjoyed phenomenal success in the New England area.

Joe's Old Lures
An antique lure collector site.  Joe has quite a collection.

Old Inlet Bait and Tackle
In Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, this shop has been in business 35 years.

The Oxygen Edge
The Oxygen Edge™ and Oxy-Chum™ are live bait oxygen systems that SUPERCHARGE live bait fish in saltwater and freshwater live bait tanks and livewells.

Riptide Lures
Culprit plastic baits for freshwater now has a saltwater cousin.

Port Aransas, Texas bait and seafood shop.  If you don't catch any to take home, you can buy some here!

Tattoo's Tackle Wooden Lures
Using old world craftsmanship coupled with the best modern day components including VMC hooks, and stainless steel thru-wire, has earned Tattoo's Tackle a reputation of producing high quality wood lures that look great, but work better.

A shop for the North Carolina Outer Banks Surf fisherman or woman.

Welcome to the world of Yo-Zuri® - fishing lure manufacturer extraordinaire. Our lures are fished in all of the seven seas. Whether you fish in the ocean(s), the flats, the inter-coastal waterway, a river, a lake, or stream, Yo-Zuri® lures will enable you catch more fish ! Just ask any of the pros on our staff, or the pros using Yo-Zuri® lures on the featured ESPN2 shows.

Saltwater Fishing Lures I Depend Upon
Here are my favorite saltwater fishing lures - the ones I "never leave home without!"

Use the Power of Plastic to Catch More Fish!
The advent of soft plastic fishing lures a few decades ago has revolutionized the world of both fresh and saltwater fishing. Here's how to select the right ones to help you catch more fish!

Pump Your Own Natural Baits!
Finding and catching quality natural baits for onshore fishing can be challenging and a bit frustrating at times ...unless you own one of these great tools for the shore angler!

Fishing the Iron: How to Catch Fish with Metal Jigs
When it comes to catching big yellowtail, amberjack and tuna offshore, one of the most popular lures for casting and jigging is 'the iron'. Learn how to use this highly specialized artificial here!

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