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Anchoring Pole or Trolling Motor?
Do I need a power pole or do I need a trolling motor? Or do I really need both?

Solo Skiffs
Lets face it , there are a ton of ways to go fishing nowadays. So why Solo Skiff you may be wondering. First its just plain cool looking. Maybe you were considering fishing kayaks, maybe a canoe, maybe powered fishing kayaks, or simply do not really know what to get. Perhaps you just like fishing alone, and want something easy to fish from, manage, that’s safe, and easily transported. Regardless, you’re a fisherman that just wants a simple way to get out and go fishing. Solo Skiff was designed to get you on the water fishing, with minimal hassle, yet in a safe boat that outperforms paddle craft in every way.

Boat Trailer Accidents
If your boat ever leaves your trailer on the boat ramp, take heart. There is hope and there is a fix!

Winter Boat Projects
As winter sets in for the new year, many boating anglers in the north have taken their boats out of the water. Shrink wrapped and closed up for the winter, the boats are going to sit for several months. That can mean some maintenance issues down the road. There are several boat and trailer maintenance issues that need to be addressed by all boaters. The new year is as good a time as any to ge…

Sea Chaser 180 FS - A Boat Review
Here is a review of the Sea Chaser 180 FS flats boat made by Carolina Skiff Corporation.

Boat Launching Made Simple
Launching your boat can be as easy as 1-2-3 or it can be a difficult and embarrassing event. Here are some tips to help you – and the other boaters around you – have a happier day.

The gunwale is the top most portion of the sides of any vessel. It apparently was named fro the wide plank upon which guns were mounted on early sailing ships.

Crowded Boat Ramps are a Problem
I spent a recent Saturday at the local boat ramps. I say boat ramps – plural – because I visited several of them through the day. The weather was perfect for inshore and offshore fishing, and the turnout at the ramps reflected just that. Sometimes I can get a picture for an article or two and at the same time find out where the fish are!

Pictures of Gunny Souders' Kiwi "Angler" Kayak
Gunny Souders' Kayak

Boat Anchor Tips - Anchoring a Boat over a Fishing Spot
Boat anchor tips fro positioning your boat over a fishing hole. Use these boat anchor tips to get it right the first time

Retrieving a Hung Anchor
Readers tell us how they go about freeing a hung anchor - hopefully safely!

Damn the Torpedoes - Launch that Boat
Boating and boats can mean fun - of they can mean a lot of problems

Fishing with Dead Batteries
Finding Out about Dead Batteries After you Launch to fish for flounder is Frustrating

Should I Anchor? - Boat Anchoring and Fishing
Anchoring a boat is an easy way to make sure you stay in one place. Overnight anchoring has some special considerations because of tides and currents, but for the most part, dropping a heavy weight tied to a line over the bow will generally keep you in one place. But when you’re fishing, is anchoring always the right thing to do? I think the answer could be either yes or no – depending on a lot of circumstances.

When Is It Safe to Fish Offshore?
I have received a number of questions recently about offshore fishing in small boats. My first reaction to the questions was “don’t do it!” But then I had to stop and think about just what a small boat is and what it is not.

Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchoring System
This anchoring system apparently evolved from the guides who pole their boats, then stake the boat out with their pole to hold it in one place. The Power-pole uses hydraulics to actuate the pole and can anchor your boat in water up to eight feet deep.

Boat Ramp Etiquette
This past week the largest king mackerel tournament in the world was held out of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. The two day event draws from 700 to over 900 boats from many different locations. The boat ramps become a zoo for these two days. In an already overtaxed boat ramp area, that means big crowds lined up to launch their boats. Tempers flair, and words are exchanged at every boat ramp beginning around 3am each morning – then again around 6pm as anglers head home.

Jetty Anchoring
Jetties and rocks that protrude into the ocean are there to protect a dredged inlet channel from being filled in by tidal currents. They also provide a great fishing spot for anglers with a boat. Anchoring around these huge boulders can be dangerous.

Still Waters Don't Run Deep - Boating in Shallow Water
Still waters on a windy day mean shallow water. Boaters and fishermen need to make sure they know how water reacts to the wind.

Late Summer Boat Buys - Buying a Boat
The new model boat year starts in July of every year, a couple of months earlier than automobiles. That means that current year models magically become a year older even though they have never been titled or sold. For a few weeks every summer, some boat models are hard to buy because the current year is no longer being produced, and the new year's model has not been shipped. There is a definite lull in production in late summer while molds are changed or modified for new features.

An Early Spring Ritual
It seems that every spring I get the urge to completely clean out my boat, tackle bins, and tackle boxes. My wife offers that this is a spring ritual that all animals perform in their dens. She also offered that pregnant women do this just before they give birth, but we won't go there on this page!

Boat Position and Fish Fighting
The seas were running three to five feet off of Miami. It was May and the dolphin bite was in full swing. The wind had kept most anglers at bay for the past several days, but the fever had gotten to us and we made the run across the bay and through Caesars Creek and out toward Pacific light.

Boat Shows are a Great Place to Learn
The coming spring boat show line up is a great place to learn the basics about boating, including rules and safety issues. Wayne Spivak tells us how thes shows can help the boater - even if they don't purchase a boat.

Coast Guard Auxiliary celebrates 66 years of service
Sixty-six years ago, on June 23, 1939, Congress established the Coast Guard Reserve. This volunteer force of men and women was created to assist the Coast Guard and the recreational boating public.

First Boat
I still remember the day my Dad brought home an old wooden twelve foot boat. To most people it was a piece of junk, but to me it was a passport to fish...

Get Me to the Back of the Boat
If you plan to fish on a party or charter boat, the back of the boat is the best place to fish!

Is There a Best Boat to Own?
Those of us who live along the coast face a dilemma when it comes to choosing a boat. Either we are well enough off to afford two or more boats, or we try to choose a single boat to serve all our needs. Is there really a best boat to own?

Kids and Boating
Wayne Spivak of the National Press Corps for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary tells us about kids and boating

The Boat
He kept the boat tied to some mangroves about 15 miles north of Key West in a creek leading to a little tackle and bait shop called Eddie's Fish Basket. I think Eddie let him keep it there at no charge if we bought bait there. The boat leaked so badly that it sank in place with its bow tied to a mangrove branch...

Trailers - Float-on or Winch-on?
Trailers are often the forgotten piece of fishing gear that can ruin your day if you ignore them. So which is better - a float-on or a winch-on.

Trailering - It’s a skill that needs to be practiced
Ever spend some time at the boat ramp? It can evoke all the emotions of the theatre. Pathos, humor, drama, action, and a whole lot of the “Worlds funniest video’s” thrown in for good measure. Why do many people make the boat ramp a day’s entertainment, at rock bottom prices? Because many boaters just don’t practice, don’t plan, and don’t expect the unexpected.

It's Time for a New Boat
Some anglers buy one boat and it becomes their fishing platform for many years. Others trade boats almost yearly, always looking for that something different. I guess I fall at least partially into the latter category, because I recently did just that. I traded boats – actually I sold a bass boat and bought a new boat – because there was something new that I wanted.

So You Want to Buy a Boat
Someone once said that the two happiest days of a man's life are (1) when he buys a boat, and (2) when he sells that boat. Buying a fishing boat.

A&L Fiberglass Boats
Makers of the Lagoon Classic 160 flats boat.

Action Craft
Considered by some to be the flats fisherman's dream.

Albemarle Boats
24 to 32 feet for offshore fishing, made in North Carolina.

All About Boats
Looking for a used boat?  Here is a good site or finding one.

Atlantic Boat Company
A small Maine business building Downeasters with competitive pricing and proven history of quality and craftsmanship.

Bay Stealth
VIP is located in the small, northwest, Louisiana town of Vivian where marine dealer, Bill Parker, began manufacturing boats in 1968.

Blue Wave
3rd generation boat builders Richard & Steven Parks not only help in designing, lofting, and building of all tooling and products in house, they test them too.

Boat Trader
Another online used boat finder for those looking to save a buck!

New and used boat listings from all makes and from all over the country. Search for a boat in your neighborhood! Lots of other good information here as well.

Here is a new online boat auction for the recreational boater - that includes fishing boats!

This is a good site that provides a number of test results on a variety of makes and models. Look up the boat you are thinking about purchasing and see the results. Membership is required for some of the information.

This is as complete a listing as I have found of boat manufacturing sites.

Calba Boats
Bass and flats boats and accessories made in Merritt Island, Florida.

Carolina Classic
Offshore Sport Fishing boats from 25 to 35 feet. Nice boats built in teh Carolina tradition.

Carolina Skiff
From 12 to 24 feet, Carolina Skiffs are some of the most durable, versatile and economical boats in the industry.

Century Boats
The Century fish boat line includes a complete line of sport fishing boats, from a 17 foot to a 30 foot walkaround.

Charleston Boat Emporium Inc
Introducing the Sea Island 15, built by and sold only at the Charleston Boat Emporium (South Carolina). Complete package deals under $10,000. Looks like a very nice rig!

Clearwater Sportfishing Boats
Center console,walkaround, dual console, and bay boats - they make a full line of boats up to 23 feet.

Cobia Boats
Center consoles and cuddy cabins for the fisherman.

Davis Boats
Hard-core, Big Water Albacore boats from California.

Dorado Marine
All custom built from a 23 foot inshore/offshore open fisherman to a 40 foot sedan convertible.

Dusky Marine
Celebrating three decades of original ownership and leadership in recreational boating and we'd love to have you join the party. Boats 17 to 25 ft.

Fishing models from 14 to 28 feet from this North Florida boat builder.

Egret Boats
The philosophy at the Egret Boat Company is to build, without compromise,  the finest skiff on the market today.

Ellis Boats
These down east lobster yacht style boats from 20 to 36 feet are ideal for new England fishing.

The product line up and information from Evinrude and Bombardier.

Flats Cat
Shallow water, shallow draft flats boats from Texas.

Offshore tournament grade boats from North Carolina.

Gil Marine
Makers of external engine mounts and brackets for heavy duty use.

Glacier Bay
Power cats from Washington from 22 to 26 feet in length.

Grady White
Made in North Carolina, these boats are built to catch fish.

Grand Banks
Welcome to the world of Grand Banks trawler yachts and Eastbay fast cruisers.

These grand sportfishing convertibles come in lengths from 39 feet to 86 feet.

Hewes Boats
Light tackle skiffs. "We invented the boat that invented the sport!"

Honda Marine
The original four cycle outboard developer.

The Bluewater line, made with Kevlar.

Inshore Power Boats
COMING SOON!! Tom Mitzlaff, president of Mitzi Skiffs, is coming out with a whole new line of boats. Available early in 2004, they will be "plug and play" semi-v bottom skiffs that allow you to customize the interior - similar to many flat bottom skiffs on the market. Keep watching this space fro his updated web site!

IVB Boats
The I.V.B. Is primarily a new form of Hull Design that has revolutionized the centuries-old principal of Naval architecture, while at the same time Revolutionizing nearly every known standard of Power Boating performance.

Jaxon Craft Boats
Jaxon Craft is a registered boat building company located in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC. The focus of fabrication is on 23-26 foot Deep V Aluminium fishing boats.

JC Boats
JC BOAT Builders Inc., the original hard chine, built down, full keel boatbuilders, is a family owned, hands on business. Thye build 31 and 35 foot work boats for the commercial trade.

Johnson Outboards
The product line up and information from Johnson.

Key West Boats
"Boats built by fishermen for fishermen" from 15 to 23 feet in length.

Lee S. Wilbur & Co.
Since 1972, they have built well over 300 custom yachts--from 28 to 70 feet--located virtually all over the world! They've built boats for Woods Hole Oceanographic and the Smithsonian... for the East Coast and the Pacific Northwest... for lobstermen and fishermen..

Mako Marine
17 to 33 feet for inshore or offshore fishing.

A listing of, among other things, web sites with information on boats and boating, including sailing and motor yachting.

Marlago Fishing Boats
Made by Jefferson Yachts, there are 31, 33, and 40 foot models.

Maverick Boats
Mavericks are the result of serious anglers designing shallow water skiffs for serious anglers.

Mercury Marine
The home site for these outboards and stern drives.

Mirage Custom Boats
Custom built tournament grade offshore center consoles.

Mitzi Skiffs
Mitzi Skiffs, made in North Florida, answers the need for an affordable flats skiff that can take one or two people into the far reaches of the bay.

Monza Boats
Offshore fishing boats with speed from 26 to 34 feet in length.

Quality, dependable, efficient, powerful, economical. These are the words used by the makers of Nissan Marine outboard engines.

Ocean Master
Outboard fishing machines from 18 to 34 ft built in Palm Beach, Florida.

Ocean Tops
Makers of fine leaning posts and boat T-tops.

Osprey Boats
Built for the Pacific Northwest, these 22 to 29 ft beauties can fish, cruise and sleep 4.

Pacific Skiffs
Rugged, heavy duty aluminum boats built in Washington.

Parker Boats
Fine saltwater fishing machines from North Carolina. One of my favorites.

Pathfinder Boats
A new family of shallow water tunnel and bay boats designed from the ground up for the dedicated light tackle angler.

Power Play Boats
A 25 and 33 foot center console fishing boat in a high performance racing hull.

Pro-Line Boats
Wide range of Runabouts and Sportfishers.

Vinyl and aluminum manufactured replacements for Bimini and T tops.

Offshore boats for the serious angler.

"Building boats from 21' to 32' for the most discriminating anglers in the world."

Fishing boats from 17 to 26 feet in CC, Bay cuddy and walkaround models.

Ronnies Airboats
If you need a custom built airboat - in almost any size - check Ronnie's site out in Louisiana.

Scout Boats
Fiberglass sportfishing boats from 14 to 21 feet.

Sea Ark
SeaArk Marine (formerly MonArk Boat Company) has built all-welded aluminum boats for over 39 years.

SeaHunter Boats
Makers of 29 to 40 foot center consoles and an 18 foot flats boat. All boats are designed for toiurnament anglers.

An OMC Company "taking the world boating for over 45 years".

Shallow Water Specialities
Shallow water flats boats factory direct from Calba Boats.

Inboard beauties with fishing room  to spare.

ShearWater Bay Boats
Makers of top of the line 20 to 24 foot bay boats. Liftime warranty.

Sterling Flats Boats
makers of top of the line 17 to 22 foot flats boats.

Stumpnocker Boats
For almost 40 years, the Stumpnocker™ Boat has been helping serious sportsmen and their families get on the water. 14 to 22 foot open boats.

Suzuki Outboards
From 4 to 225 horses, including four strokes that meet EPA future requirements.

Tides Boatworks
These Virginia made sport fishing beauties range from 27 to 40 feet.

Tohatsu Outboards
Economical Japanese engines used by a number of commercial fishermen.

Triton Boats
By famous boat builder Earl Bentz.

Twin Vee

Venture Marine
Builders of fine boats in three lengths from a 23 foot center console bay model to a 39 foot center console fishing machine.

Volvo Penta
Commercial and recreational inboard and outdrive power.

World Cat
Available in 24'6" and 26'6" lengths. World Cats represent the "absolute finest power catamarans available anywhere in the world" according to their maker.

Yamaha Outboards
Get one of these special saltwater corrosion resistant models from 130 to 250 horses.

Young Boats, Inc.
Custom built and sold factory direct - 20 and 24 ft high performance center consoles.

Boat Launching and Boat Ramp Tips
The boat launch or boat ramp on a nice weekend can be a real hassle not only for you but for the other boaters waiting to launch their boats. Just a small amount of advanced preparation and planning can make the whole process painless and quick.

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