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Common Saltwater Fish Species

Here is information and links to a variety of saltwater species that we commonly catch.
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  2. Bluefish (0)
  3. Bonefish (0)
  4. Cobia (0)
  5. Cod and Hake (0)
  6. Dolphin (0)
  7. Flounder / Halibut (0)
  8. Grouper (0)
  9. Kingfish (0)
  10. Mackerel (0)
  11. Marlin (0)
  12. Pacific Yellowtail (0)
  13. Redfish (0)
  14. Sailfish (0)
  15. Seatrout (0)
  16. Sharks (0)
  17. Snapper (0)
  18. Snook (0)
  19. Striped Bass (0)
  20. Tarpon (0)
  21. Tuna (0)

Hail to the Amberjack!
The amberjack has become known as the charter captain's friend because when nothing else is biting they can be depended on to provide anglers with a real fight.

Finned by a Saltwater Catfish
If you have ever been finned by a saltwater catfish you know how bad the pain it. One of the most painful injuries around, it can be debilitating. But, there is a way to quickly help stop the pain.

The Black Drum March
Huge black drum are invading inlets up and down the Atlantic coast. March and April are the months to catch them.

Spring Sheepshead
Catching sheepshead in the spring is fun and easy if you follow a few basic tips.

Amberjack – The Charter Captain’s Friend
When I fish offshore, I always welcome a hook-up with an amberjack. They fight hard and provide lots of action for anglers.

Easy Winter Sheepshead Fishing
We catch a lot of sheepshead in the winter. Off the Georgia coast, they are on artificial reefs. Here is how we do it...

Trolling for Barracuda
Here is how we trolled for barracuda on the Florida Keys

How to Catch Wary Sheepshead
When the water is clear and the fish are reluctant to bite, you have to make a change. Here is what I do to catch wary sheepshead that I can see.

Which Fish is Smartest?
Are fish smart? Do they have the ability to learn? Are some fish smarter than others?

Lifting for Sheepshead
Convicts, bait stealers, sheepshead; these are just a few of the printable names for perhaps the hardest fighting fish, pound for pound, along the East coast. Unprintable names for these fish abound from frustrated fishermen. Here is how to catch sheepshead - the techniques involved in fishing for sheepshead.

Black Drum Fishing
Every spring – actually late winter and early spring, the black drum make their way into the inlets up and down the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. This is the time of year that the big breeder fish come in to spawn. Black drum fishing enthusiasts make plans months ahead of time, tuning up their tackle, and their boats. Although the average “big” drum catch is around 40 pounds, these fish can reach weights over 100 pounds, and annually many fish that size are caught.

Tripletail Hunting - Fishing for Tripletail
Similar to hunting for game, fishing for tripletail in the late summer is a matter of getting to where they live. If you can get to the places they frequent, you are likely to find one or more, and late summer is the time for some big ones along the southeast US coast.

Learning from an Expert
Some people fish a lot of areas and are mildly successful. Some people few only one or two areas and have become extremely successful. I was witness to one of the latter this past week, and while it was not in saltwater, it does point out some tactics that any of us can take advantage of.

Georgia’s Beaches for Summer Whiting
Whiting, Southern Kingfish, menticirrhus americanus; whatever the name, some would argue that the common whiting found along Georgia’s coastal waters and beaches are not worth pursuing. Those anglers who would take that stance are missing not only some of the fastest fishing around when the bite is on, but also some fine eating fare.

Swivel Gallery
Swivel Gallery

Tips On Catching Wahoo
From May to October, packs of wahoo congregate along the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef. The average size of wahoo is about 50 pounds with a good fish weighing in at 75 pounds. Each wahoo pack usually has a fish of close to 100 pounds. We almost always use lures when targeting wahoo; however, we often get jumped by fish when bait and switch fishing for sailfish. If your teaser is rigged with monofilament, wave bye-bye to the end of your daisy chain

Listen for the Drum Beat
We are right in the middle of a really fun time of year as fishing goes. Spring brings on the mating call for all creatures, including fish. One of my favorite rituals is the annual Black Drum spring spawning run. The run happens all up and down the East Coast, beginning in Florida and moving north all the way to New England.

Moving Locations to Find Sheepshead
Sometimes a slow sheepshead bite means you need to move around to find isolated pockets of fish

Saltwater Catfish - How to Catch Them
Saltwater catfish are found from Texas to Virginia and even farther north on almost any kind of inland water, even in offshore water in depths up to about thirty feet. They are exactly like their freshwater cousins. In fact, if they are lying side by side, it is virtually impossible to distinguish one from the other.

Monster Green Heads
Catch big black seabass in cold water when nothing else is biting

Let's Catch Some Sheepshead
Got your bait? Got your tackle? Ready to go? Ok! Lets get crackin' on those sheepshead! One reader did ask last week whether these were Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico sheepshead (Archosargus probatocephalus), or the California variety (Semicossyphus pulcher). These that I am writing about are the former, the Atlantic variety.

Greenhead Below
Spring seabass fishing in the Atlantic and the Gulf is awesome

It's Sheepshead Time!
Sheepshead love any kind of structure with which they can identify and around which they can find food. Jetties, rocks, pilings, even channel markers will serve the purpose. I know of at least one boat that moves from marker to marker up or down the channel and drops a bait behind each one. The catch rate is probably around 50%!

Cold Weather Sheepshead
On a day when other fishermen would stay home, I tend to venture out into the weather. Late fall, with temperatures dropping means sheepshead in my neck of the woods (or would it be my piece of the ocean?). Either way, fall and winter are sheepshead time, and the bite along the southern Atlantic coast has been hot recently.

Fishing for Jail Birds!
Have you ever had someone try to teach you how to do something only to come to the realization that what he is teaching you is almost impossible? That's the way I felt many years ago when my father was trying to teach me how to set the hook on, and catch sheepshead. Known for their bait stealing prowess, these hard fighting fish have caused more grief to more fishermen than just about any other fish.

What Makes a Fish Bite?
Anglers the world over have always struggled with that question. I know times when the fish were visible, lots of them, and they would not so much as nibble at even a live bait presented to them. What reason is there for a fish not to bite?

Triple Your Pleasure
This past month was prime time for tripletail in a number of areas, in particular, Flamingo in the Everglades National Park. Those who fish this area regularly will attest to the numbers of fish available to those looking for a great fight. Late spring and early summer are prime times.

Record Sheepshead Cleaned!
An angler catches a record fish and then begins cleaning it before having it weighed. It happened this past week on Florida's west coast.

Fiddling for Convicts
The target was sheepshead; the bait was fiddler crabs. Catching these cousins to a porgy is at best difficult for most people. They can steal a bait without you feeling them, and if you do feel them, setting the hook in their bony, toothy mouth ads yet another degree of difficulty.

Seabass on Tap
If you can get to the near shore reefs and wrecks, now is the time to look for big black seabass. This time of year seabass gather in huge spawning schools, and limits of these tasty bottom fish are common, even in relatively small boats.

The Barracuda Problem
Up and down the east coast of the United States, water temperatures are doing strange things. Perhaps it is a result of global warming; perhaps it is simply an anomaly that will change. Whatever the reason, barracudas are more plentiful and are being caught farther north than at any time in my recollection.

Great Offshore Action using Light Tackle
The wrecks and reefs offshore in the Atlantic are pretty well covered up with greater amberjacks this time of year. We call them the charter captain s friend, because when nothing else is biting, they can always count on a big AJ to provide a thrill to their customers. On a recent trip, we were looking for some good bottom fishing, but, when the bottom bite left us, we opted for some light tackl…

Amazing Tripletail Fishing
Tripletail. The name comes from and describes the shape of the fish's dorsal and anal fins and tail. Extending back, broad and full, the fins help give the appearance of three tails. It is generally a dark brown color, although I have caught some tripletail that had a mottled brown and off-white coloration. Fishing for tripletail is fun and exciting.

Salmon Fishing - Mooching
Salmon Mooching on the west coast is what east coast anglers call drift fishing. With some subtle but important differences, mooching is just that – drift fishing. Salmon fishermen up and down the Pacific coast are as avid as any land-locked bass angler, perhaps even more. They take their salmon fishing or salmon mooching seriously, and when the season opens, the lives of whole cities of peo…

Flounder and Halibut are a couple of the most popular species targeted by Saltwater Anglers. Here's where to find them ...and how to catch them!

Catching Pacific Red Snapper can be Fun and Tasty!

Call it Dolphinfish, Dorado or Mahi-Mahi, it is the Ocean's Golden Treasure
No matter whether you call them dolphinfish, dorado or mahi-mahi, they are truly one of the golden treasures of saltwater sportfishing.

The Giant Sea Bass of San Quintin
white sea bass

Fishing for Giant Humboldt Squid
Learn where to find and how to catch big Humboldt squid and, after doing so, how to turn them into a gourmet calamari dinner that will delight your guests.

Catch Big Wahoo!
Elusive, toothy and hard fighting. This exotic cousin of the king mackerel will definitely put a bend in your rod and a smile on your face!

Catching the Longfin Tuna

PARGO: How to Catch Baja's Brute Snapper
Pargo are caught from Bahia Tortugas on the Pacific side of Baja down past Central America. They are tackle-busting brutes that will challenge the most seasoned angler. Heres how to hook up with one!

How to Catch a Rooster
The roosterfish (Nematistius pectoralis) is an exotic and popular gamefish species that has a range spanning from Baja California all the way down the coast into Peru and the Galapagos Islands. Here's how to hook and land one!

Catch the Tasty Pacific Scuplin: California’s Scorpionfish
The Pacific sculpin, also known as the California scorpion fish, is a common catch for inshore party boat anglers. Carefully avoid its stinging spines, and then enjoy their firm, delicate fillets as gourmet table fare!

Pacific Bonito: A Small but Fiesty Tuna
The Pacific bonito is the smallest member of the tuna family, but still a feisty adversary at the end of a fishing line.

Battle the Giant Trevally!
Whether you call them Giant Trevally, Ulua or GT, this over-sized member of the Jack Family will definitely put a bend in your rod and a smile on your face. Here is where and how to find and catch them.

Giant Grouper of the Pacific
Although protected in California's coastal waters, the giant black sea bass population is beginning to rebound. Just south of the border, however, the fishery is healthy and viable. Here's how to catch them responsibly.

A Shark at the Table: How to Hook & Cook
Sharks have been feared by people throughout history ...but they should probably be more afraid of us, since this ancient fish has been increasingly celebrated on restaurant menus and dinner tables. Here is how to catch and properly prepare them.

The Opah Show: Catching the Pacific Moonfish
The huge, colorfully hued opah, also known as the Pacific moonfish, was once only taken incidentally on commercial long lines. Learn more about this exotic oval shaped fish, which is now showing up more often in the catches of recreational saltwater anglers.

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