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Links and information about saltwater fishing fishing all over the world. Location specific articles and content.
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All About Jetty Fishing
Jetties can be found at almost nay inlet up and down both coasts of the United States. Learning how to fish them, and how to fish them safely can be a big plus to you take home catch! Here are a number of articles I have written over the years dealing with fishing some of those jetties. I hope they help you catch more fish!

Fishing the Chum Slicks
From Texas all the way around and up the east coast, shrimp boats ply near shore waters in search of pink gold. More often than not, their work “day” is actually at night, and while the crew sleeps during the day, savvy anglers can catch fish right under the shrimp boat’s nose! Shrimpers deal with by-catch every day. Dragging the ocean bottom for shrimp necessarily traps numerous smaller…

Pictures from the Matava Resort in Fiji and the boat MV Bite Me
Pictures from the Matava Resort in Fiji and the boat MV Bite Me

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