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Pier Fishing - Fishing Pier

Here are links to pier fishing spots, fishing pier locations, and tactics for all the pier fishing anglers.

Room to Fish
On this trip, we arrived at the Emerald Island fishing pier near Morehead City well after the Saturday crowd had claimed most of the fishing spots. As we walked onto the pier, it was evident to me that we would never find a spot to squeeze into from which we could fish.

Fishing Pier Therapy
A guest article on pier fishing in Virginia from John Maldron.

Boatless Fishing in Florida
Everything you need to know and more about fishing in South Florida without a boat. This is a very comprehensive and well kept site.

Jacksonville Beach Pier
This site will provide you with information about a popular recreation called Ocean Pier Fishing in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Nag's Head Pier
A full service 24 hour pier in Nag's Head North Carolina.

Pier and Surf
A great site for the shore bound angler.

Pier Fishing in California
This fishing website is dedicated to the thousands of regulars (a.k.a. pier rats) who fish California's piers on a weekly or even daily basis.

Pier Rat
West coast pier fishing reports from Oregon to the Mexican border from Ken Jones, the "Pier Rat."

Seattle Public Fishing Piers
Public fishing in and around Seattle, WA.

South Carolina Pier Reports
Piers on the South Carolina Coast with hours and types of fish caught. From the State of South Carolina DNR site.

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