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Product Reviews of Fishing Equipment

Product reviews from your saltwater fishing guide on all types of fishing equipment.
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Chronglobal Tide App
If you need a tide table and need it to be quick, portable and easy to use, try this iPhone app from ChronGlobal. Their tide table app works really well and includes solar and lunar information as well.

Totally waterproof storage bags to protect valuables that nee…
LOKSAK waterproof storage bags - a product review

Product Summary - Reel Saver Lubricants by Mil-Comm
This full line of lubricants covers every aspect of an angler's need. From reels, to trailers, to boats, these products work extremely well.

Product Summary - Sunrise River Custom Knife
I have been using the 7 inch filet knife from Sunrise River Custom Knifes for about a year now. I was a little skeptical when I first got it. I have gone through a lot of filet knives over my fishing life and I consider myself to be pretty good at filleting a fish. A new custom-made knife had, in my mind, all the trappings for being fancy, but not really useful. I was wrong!

Product Summary - Garmin GPS 12
Garmin has put a lot of product in a small package. The GPS 12 is arguably the most popular hand held GPS unit. It comes with a nice array of add on options, including a small plastic console mount and a cigarette lighter power cord to save you on batteries.

Product Review: Beutner's Knot Tying: The Basic Knots
Here's a CD-ROM video that teaches all the basic knots and how to tie them. The step by step video is easy to follow and even includes two short lengths or rope to practice with as you watch the video.

Product Summary - Berkley's Big Game Lip Grip
Berkley has a new fish landing tool that promises to help every angler. A more reasonable alternative to expensive catch and release tools, the Lip Grip works extremely well.

Product Summary - Garmin GPS Map 168 Sounder
This combination unit saves space on the console, and while it is a tad small, it tracks 12 satellites and has an outstanding fish sonar.

Product Summary - Hurricane 6 Inch Pliers
I use these Hurricane pliers in conjunction with my Holdzit pliers sheath. Clipped to my side, they have become so much a part of my fishing that I instinctively reach for them when I need to cut a line or remove a hook.

Berkley Digital Scale
Berkley 50 pound Digital Scale. Lightweight and waterproof - it floats!

Product Summary - Rapala Fish "N" Filet Knife
Rapala Fish 'N' Filet Knife, 7 1/2 Inch for all your fish cleaning needs. Fits nicely in your tackle box and stays sharp.

Fishing with My Father - A Review
Fishing with My Father is a compilation of thirty-one essays, classic features and poems from all types of fishing enthusiasts who have penned their works.

GOT LIVE BAIT? Catch your own live baitfish with this valuable tool that should be in every serious saltwater angler's tackle box.

Catch More Fish on a Kayak
Saltwater kayak fishing is a new, ecologically friendly way to catch more and bigger fish that allows anglers to get closer to the marine environment without the expense and upkeep involved in owning a conventional boat.

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