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Proper Bait Placement for Redfish
Even though you know the fish are there, your bait has to be where they can see, smell, and eat it, or redfish will ignore it.

How to Locate Redfish
Redfish can be easy to find if you know a few things about their habits. Tries the tips to locate redfish in your area.

The Perfect Redfish Bait
What is the best bait for redfish? Is there a perfect bait? The answer is - it depends. It depends on where you fish and when you fish, two of many other variables that will determine the perfect bait.

Finding and Catching Redfish
You can;t catch redfish if you can't find them. Here are some of my tips for finding them and for catching them.

Whats the Best Bait for Redfish
The best bait for redfish may be different on a given day depending on a number of circumstances. Let's see what the best bait for redfish is!

Here are some Tips and Techniques for Catching Redfish - Red Drum - C…
Lots of anglers want to know just how do we catch redfish. Up and down the Atlantic coast and in the Gulf of Mexico, catching redfish is a major fishing activity. These tips and baits can help you find that monster red you are pursuing. Redfish, known in some parts as red drum, channel bass, or red bass, are relatively easy to catch once they have been located. So, the first part of our discussio…

Huge Red Drum in Coastal Inlets - Catching Big Redfish
Up and down the eastern seaboard of the United States, huge red drum (redfish) can be caught in the fall by just about anyone willing to soak a bait on the bottom and wait. These bruisers congregate in the channels in the fall months, and light tackle is definitely NOT the way to go to catch one.

Redfish and Orzo - A Recipe
One of the best fish recipes I've tasted from any fish much less redfish is from my friend chef Tim at the 1818 Club in Duluth GA. It's a bit fancy, but I will travel far and wide to get it when he has it on the menu.

Steve Johnson's Spotted Redfish Gallery
Spotted Redfish Gallery

Crankbaiting Rip Rap Reds
Right now the red drum are active along the rocks, and they can be caught in a variety of ways. Anglers can use live shrimp under a deep float, or soak a blue crab bait on the bottom and catch some reds. Cut bait also works on the bottom from time to time. But the bait of choice for some of us at this time of year is artificial bait – a crankbait to be exact.

All About Redfish
The redfish or red drum has become one of the most sought after fish on the Gulf and Atlantic shores. Primarily an inshore fish, it became popular as a food fish after being offered as blackened redfish in New Orleans restaurants. It became popular as a game fish as more former bass tournament anglers got turned on to inshore saltwater fishing. It now is the target of numerous professional redfish tournaments. Here are some articles and information on catching these beautiful spot tail bass.

Spring Red Drum Fishing
Up and down the Atlantic coast, inlets are beginning to get crowded. Crowded with fish that is. Specifically, redfish – red drum – are coming through the inlets and are eating almost anything thrown their way.

Redfish, Sheepshead and Twisted Line
The sheepshead were there as I suspected, and I did catch a number of them – up to 8 pounds. However, what normally would be a welcome fish – redfish – were also there. Not that I don’t love catching redfish – I do. But today I had six pound spinning gear, a quarter ounce jig head and fiddler crabs. What I didn’t need was to be pulled off my sheepshead to fight a big fish. But, that is exactly what happened.

You Can't Catch Redfish That are Pushing Water
We were in about eighteen inches of water using the trolling motor as we watched a school of over a hundred redfish swimming in front of us.

Redfish - How to Catch a Redfish
Here is a profile on redfish - also known as red drum

Wading for Tailing Reds
I swung one leg over the boat in anticipation, and as I lingered on the gunnel, I thought of all the times I had passed up this particular flat thinking that it would be too hard to fish. I swung my other leg over and eased into the knee deep water to begin what would be forty-five minutes of sheer pleasure. We were surrounded by small triangular shapes protruding from the water and waving back and forth.

How Big Can a Redfish Grow
How big can a redfish grow? My son, Tom, along with Jason Marsh and Jonathon Richard from Jacksonville were pondering that question this week.

Casting to a Tailing Redfish
There are many anglers who claim to never have seen a tailing redfish. I think it turns out that these anglers may have actually seen some, but just didn’t know what they were seeing at the time. They can generally be found in a low water condition, either on an outgoing or an incoming tide, moving along the edge of oyster or bars. The crabs and other crustaceans that inhabit these areas are a favorite food source.

Redfish in the Surf
It’s that time of year – time for the fish to begin showing up in the surf. Schools of baitfish make their way north up the Atlantic coast, and predator fish follow right behind. It’s sort of like a moving cafeteria to these predators – food on the hoof so to speak. Menhaden and mullet, the two big “M’s” of the baitfish world, are followed by a variety of fish. Cobia and tarpon are arguably the most sought after. Redfish are mostly ignored during this time of year.

Tailing Reds in a Wind
I fished this week off the coast of Georgia for an upcoming magazine article., The targets were basically any fish we could find this time of year. We did find a variety of fish, including seatrout, redfish and sheepshead. But, it was the reds that really gave us a thrill.

Preaching Redfish
Fishing the outgoing tide is the way to target moving redfish in a shallow water to deep water situation, and one preacher found a way to catch them...

Rough Fish in Maine?
An email from Dan Linden tells a story about a smallmouth bass in Maine that sounds awfully familiar - like a redfish story I did!

Redfish or Rough Fish?
Fish were plentiful, and we could be selective about what we fished for and what we kept. Redfish were not on the top of our list of keepers. We opted for mangrove snapper, sea trout, gag grouper and jewfish (now politically corrected to goliath grouper). Reds would go in the box only if one was particularly big, or if we could find no other fish that day.

Red and Black Spells Double Pleasure
Ordinarily, I would not be bragging so about a seven-pound redfish. But today he was special. You see, today we were fishing for and catching black bass! The grass flat we were on was in a cove off Doctor’s Inlet in the St Johns River.

Redfish on the Fly
I never was much of a fly fisherman, particularly for redfish - never really took the time to learn, early on. It's like a lot of other things in life where you just sort of learn as you go out of necessity. Like, the best way to get cold, hard butter onto a piece of hot toast is obviously to pick the stick of butter up and use it like a giant yellow crayon. Hey, it worked for me, even if my mother did banish me from the kitchen forever!

Reds on a Flood Tide
Ah, spring! This is the time that flowers bloom, animals are amorous and most important to me, the flood tides occur. Spring flood tides are an annual occurrence caused by the relative positioning of the sun and moon in the spring, and the effect that this positioning has on tidal movement.

Springtime Beach Bonanza
It’s springtime up and down the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, and redfish are migrating from their winter haunts on near shore wrecks and reefs. They are moving into the passes and inlets after their offshore spawning, and they are hungry. These big reds work the beach under a school of menhaden, feeding at will.

Lessons from a Redfish Expert
Catching redfish with an expert can teach a number of lessons to anglers who pay attention!

Cleaning a Redfish
Here is step by step pictoral that shows you the basics of cleaning a redfish.

Offshore Spawning Redfish
Late winter and early spring send the redfish offshore to wrecks and reefs from Virginia all the way around to Texas. Big spawning reds can be caught in water sixty to 100 feet deep this time of year – and not just a few of them!

Redfish Tournaments Causing Conflict
Friends in South Florida who regularly practice catch and release sight fishing for redfish in Everglades National Park are somewhat perturbed over the numerous redfish tournaments that are held up and down the Florida Keys. Headquartered from Key Largo to Key West and cities in between, the tournaments find almost all of the anglers fishing inside the park.

Red Drum Fishery Management Plan
Here is North Carolina's rather passive attempt to manage their declining fishery. At least they decided to do something!

Redfish Flies
A great assortment of flies that catch redfish everywhere.

Redfish Tour
The Inshore Fishing Association is an organization that is dedicated to the conservation and education of the importance of catch and release in salt water.

Sarasota Redfish
Catching redfish out of Sarasota, Florida

Texas Redfish Hatchery
One of the largest marine fish hatcheries in the world, the GCCA/CPL Marine Development Center in Corpus Christi is also one of the best kept secrets in Texas. Now, anyone can tour this nationally recognized hatchery in the company of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department coastal fisheries staff members who operate the Center.

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