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Top 5 Bait Casting Rods

Use This Handy Product Guide to Find the Perfect Casting Rod


Bait casting rods are perfect for top water plug action with comparatively heavy line. Their shorter length and heavier backbone allow wrist action to make a plug walk. The better bait casting rods will have a fast taper and comfortable hand grip.

1. Shimano CLCX70M Calcutta Inshore Casting Rod

Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Shimano's Calcutta series of inshore rods feature high-performing TC4 K Construction and Fuji SiC Silicon Carbide guides that will haul in any inshore species. The series provides ultimate fishing gratification to anglers using light tackle for inshore saltwater species such as snook, speckled sea trout and redfish. The CLCX is a great rod for handling just about any light to medium casting duties.

2. Penn II1020C66 International Inshore Casting Rod

Photo courtesy of Price Grabber
Photo courtesy of Price Grabber
This rod will perform for lots of fish. From redfish in Florida, to white sea bass in California, to bluefish in New England, it does extremely well. the International series is the top of the line in the Penn line-up.

3. GLoomis Gulfcoast Series Casting Rod

Phot © Ron Brooks
Photo by Ron Brooks
These are my personal favorites - the ones I use the most. GLoomis makes a very good rod - light, fast taper, and the cork handle make this rod work for you instead of you working the rod. They are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for as the saying goes.

4. All Star Inshore Casting Rods

Photo courtesy of Price Grabber
Photo courtesy of Price Grabber
All Star is a big name in freshwater fishing. Now they have a really nice inshore casting rod for those of us who like to chunk lures at saltwater fish. Nay of these casting rods will do the job.
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