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All About Seatrout - Fishing for Seatrout

Members of the Drum Family - These Good Eating Fish are Easy to Catch


All About Seatrout - Fishing for Seatrout
Seatrout are members of the drum family – a distant relative to a redfish. There are several close varieties, including spotted seatrout, yellow mouth, sand, silver, and several varieties of weakfish. They all use their air bladder to “drum”, making grunting noises that scientists believe relate to schooling and spawning behavior.

Here are some tips and techniques for catching these good eating fish.

How to Catch Seatrout

  • Seatrout Hideaway
    Seatrout are known for their habits. If you catch some seatrout in a particular location, chances are really good that you can find them there again in the same location on the same tide. Here's how.
  • Trout on the Flats
    Catching flat on the grass flats is easy if you know how. Here are some tips.
  • Splatter Poles
    The old commercial fisherman's staple.
  • Catching Seatrout in Cold Water
    Trout are predictable in cold weather. Here is how to catch them in cold water.

Seatrout Lures

  • Two Lures for Trout – Seatrout Fishing
    Choosing the right lure makes a difference
  • Four Favorite Seatrout Lures
    Here are four seatrout lures that I like to use. All of them catch fish at various times
  • Using Artificial Lures for Seatrout
    I am quizzed quite a bit about how I use artificials to catch trout. While live bait will almost always catch fish, I can usually catch as many fish on artificials as I do on say, live shrimp. And, at the price of live shrimp lately, artificials are far more economical. For around $12.00 I can get enough live shrimp to fish for a day. For much less than that I can buy a lure that I can use over and over.
  • Tide Runner Seatrout
    I was fishing with artificial lures on a mud and oyster flat at high tide. Normally I pick up a few of what I call “tide runners”. These are usually really big fish that feed right at the high tide for about an hour. They are usually also spotted seatrout. What I learned on this trip put fish in the boat and can help you catch more fish as well...

Seatrout Conservation

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