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Saltwater Fishing Tackle and Accessories

Links and information about saltwater fishing tackle and tackle accessories.
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Five Items Every Angler Needs in His Tackle Box
What do you have in your tackle box? Here are my picks for the five most important things you can have in your tackle box.

Which Fishing Sinker Do I Use?
Choosing the right fishing sinker means the difference in success and failure in fishing. Here are three sinkers that fit all of my fishing situations.

Setting Up Your Terminal Tackle
Your choice of fish hook, sinker, and leader can mean the difference between fishing success and failure.

I’m Out of 2/0 Hooks!
Have you ever run out of hooks while fishing? It's not the best thing that can happen. Each year I take time to go through all my tackle - clean it and inventory it - and stock up on items I find that are low.

Care and Feeding for Saltwater Tackle
If you will take the time to clean all your fishing tackle and equipment after every trip, you will enjoy the use of all that tackle for years to come...

Solving Casting Issues
Can your choice of reel and rod really make a difference in your casting ability? Is there a reason to buy the more expensive ones? To the average angler, the answer to those questions may be no, but to the serious fisherman, the guides and the professionals, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Choosing Between Spinning and Bait-casting Outfits
The easiest outfit for newcomers to the angling world to use is usually a spin-cast or spinning rod and reel. Learning to operate and cast with one of these outfits is relatively painless, and certainly free of backlashes and tangles. These are the ones that most anglers use as they begin to learn how to fish.

Spider Sinker
Spider Sinker description and definition

Pyramid Sinker
Pyramid Sinker definition and description

Top 9 Gifts Under 15 Dollars
Here are gifts for the holidays for all those saltwtaer anglers. These are gifts that are under $15.00. Great stocking stuffers!

Top 10 Gifts Under 200 Dollars US
Here are my picks for holiday gifts for the anglers in your life. These are all under $200.00.

Setting the Hook
With the possible exception of sheepshead, setting the hook on a fish is at once both the easiest and the most misunderstood action that anglers can take. I watch anglers all the time, and I find that different anglers have different techniques even when fishing for the same fish.

Fishing a Jig Head
There are a lot of terminal tackle choices on the market. Some are simple; some are complicated. All can be as expensive as you would like them to be. My personal choice for most of my inshore fishing (with natural bait or with a grub) is a jig head.

All About Tackle - Fishing Tackle
Tips, suggestions and how to information about saltwater fishing tackle and accessories

What’s in a Swivel?
There are three or four basic types of swivels, all of them designed for the specific purpose of preventing line twist. When a bait twirls in the water or a hooked fish spins, the swivel is there to turn (swivel) and allow the terminal tackle freedom to spin while keeping your line from twisting.

Lubrication Can Mean the Difference
Proper lubrication of reels, and rods is extremely important if we are going to have a chance at catching a fish of a lifetime. There are lots of reel lubrications out there; Abu Garcia, Penn Reel Lube, and 3-in-1 to name a few. All of these work very well, but I have come upon a new lubricant that seems to work as well as any of the rest and...

Line Size Makes a Difference
You can catch more fish on smaller line if you know how to do it!

What Kind of Fishing Leaders to Use
What kind and size of fishing leader line you use can make a difference on how many fish you catch.

MirrOlure S51MR Series III
MirrOlure has some out with a new series III lure that combines a natural baitfish scale pattern with a highly reflective holographic foil for unmatched realism and effectiveness.

There's A Reason to Replace Your Fishing Line
Replacing your fishing line from time to time is one of the best things you can do to avoid loosing fish. Frayed fishing line can cause untimely breaks.

Reel Saver Lubricants by Mil-Comm
This full line of lubricants covers every aspect of an angler's need. From reels, to trailers, to boats, these products work extremely well.

Hook Selection Makes a Difference
Hook choice depends on several factors. Obviously, the smaller the fish, the smaller the hook required. What most anglers miss is, that line size, fish species, type of bait, and fishing structure play a major role in hook selection.

Hook Gallery
Hook Gallery of Pictures - Types of Hooks

Plano Soft Sided Tackle Box
This soft sided tackle box holds three separate Plano containers for all your hooks, lures, and tackle. Ideal for back country fishing.

Twice Caught Fish
Every now and then, something very special happens to an angler. We all have one of those stories that others sometimes find hard to believe. Well, Dave Mostowski submitted the one below. I happen to believe this one, because I've had some similar experiences. Here's Dave's story

Which Rod and Reel Should I Buy
I receive a lot of email asking me for advice on which rod or which reel to buy. It seems that people are somewhat convinced that there is a perfect rod or perfect reel, and that someone out there knows the brand.

Disinaweight Fishing Weights
Disinaweight fishing sinkers allow you to cast and then simply melt off the line.

Terminal Tackle
Treminal Fishing Tackle definition

My Sweetheart - My Rod and Reel or My Girl?
Editor's note: Often my readers submit a story from our Reader Submission page. Lilly Matthews, who submitted this one says, "Sorry this is not about saltwater fishing but Wisconsin is a little short on the saltwater if you know what I mean!

Change Tackle to Catch Fish
Lots of times we fish – maybe offshore and maybe inshore – and we get discouraged because we can’t seem to hook up with the fish that are biting. The tackle we are using is either too big or too small. Many anglers suffer through or even move to another spot. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Yoiu need to change tackle to catch fish

What Kind of Leader Do I Need?
But the importance is not so much whether to use one or not (we almost always need one), rather it is what kind of leader to use. Three basic choices are monofilament, fluorocarbon, or steel, or some combination or derivative of these three.

Tackle Cleaning Tips
Tackle Cleaning Tips. Cold weather and no fishing means its time to go through and clean tackle. Get ready for spring with these tips

Rainy Day Ritual
Today is a good day to get my tackle boxes straightened out. After multiple trips at the end of which I did not go through all my tackle, it’s time to get it right. So, today I sit in front of a fire, plastic sheeting on the carpet and wooden floor (my wife refuses to allow my tackle in the house without it!) with reels and tackle boxes waiting to be cleaned.

Drop Shot Fishing in Saltwater
The drop shot rig is a relatively recent innovation in the freshwater fishing realm that is now making its way to saltwater. Named for the way the rig goes straight to the bottom, it is similar to a ‘fish-finder’ or ‘chicken’ rig currently used by many bottom-fishing anglers. The difference is in the placement of the hook.

Circle Hooks to the Rescue!
As a catch and release fisherman I am always concerned about the welfare of the fish I release. So it is with a great deal of interest that I fished this last trip using circle hooks. These hooks have been around for a long time, but only recently have they been used to improve catch and release survival. They originally were designed for tuna and longliner fishing as hooks that would set themselves on unattended lines.

Fishing Without Bait
How many of us have ever left the dock and headed out to fish only to find you left the bait in a cooler on the dock? It’s a long ride back to the dock, and at the price of fuel today, it makes it very expensive to head back and retrieve it. Try fishing without bait!

There's A Reason to Replace Your Line
Unlike a lot of anglers, I realize that the line on your fishing reel doesn't last forever. But, like most anglers, I seem to replace that line only when something happens that tells me I waited too long.

Choosing the Right Terminal Tackle
Bottom fishing, whether inshore or in deep offshore waters, necessarily means making a choice on the terminal tackle you plan to use. Many anglers catch fewer fish as a result of a poor choice or no choice at all.

Circle Hooks to the Rescue!
As a catch and release fisherman I am always concerned about the welfare of the fish I release. So it is with a great deal of interest that I fished this last trip using circle hooks. These hooks have been around for a long time, but only recently have they been used to rescue and improve catch and release survival.

Maptech's New PDA Interface
Maptech (www.maptech.com) has come out with a new item. For all of you with a PDA or Palm Pilot, you can now have your charts and maps loaded onto your device. I received an email announcing this offer so I am currently giving it a try.

When is a Swivel not a Swivel?
We all use them at some point in our fishing life. Swivels are an important part of the terminal tackle in use by most saltwater anglers. But do we all use them for the same reasons?

The Right Tackle Box
I find it impossible to carry all the tackle I will need on a given day of fishing. After years of hauling a ton of rods and tackle boxes around in boats with limited space, I decided to plan my tackle the night before and take only what I would need for the planned, next day trip.

Fishing Under a Float
Fishing under a float is easy and can be very productive if you know the basics.

Don’t Set the Hook!!
As I figured, I would get some grief about hook setting this week. I received and email from a California Captain regarding my hook setting methods –you can’t set a hook too hard, remember?

Making Custom Rods
Everyone has seen them. Those hand wrapped beauties in the rod holders just begging to be handled. A snakeskin butt wrap glistens in the sun. Custom made rods: who wouldn't give just about anything to have one.

Hooked on Fishing
I’ve have hooked myself, my fishing parties, and both of my sons during my fishing career. Each time it was accidental, and each time it could have been prevented. I have also been hooked a number of times by other anglers in my boat. My father was one of the worst offenders in this arena, having hooked me in the head, ear, shoulder, and just under the eye over the years.

An Early Spring Ritual
It may not seem like spring where you live, but trust me, around here, spring has sprung. The weather patterns have brought cool evenings and warm days. Trees that normally don't bud out until late March are already showing leaves. We have had an unseasonably warm winter. I guess that's why I found myself doing what I did this past weekend.

The Case Against “Store Bought” Tackle
Just because a tackle shop sells something people assume it is good and it will work. In the relatively few very good tackle shops, that can come close to the truth. However, in most shops, the main reason they exist is to make money, and if they can sell you something, they will.

The Versatile Jig
The Versatile Jig Jigs are the most versatile lure in your tackle box.

Memphis Net and Twine
Memphis Net & Twine has custom made commercial fishing nets, sports nets, and nets for industrial applications since 1962. Thier staff of skilled net makers have years of experience crafting nets by hand built to your custom specifications. They can fabricate nets in any shape or size to meet your specific needs.

Braided Line Solutions
Braided line versus monofilament line. What are the differences?

Hook Setting
When and How to Set a Hook on a Fish

Ride the Tide to Fishing Success!
One of the most important factors in the success of onshore anglers is tidal movement. Here's how to use this valuable data to help you catch more fish!

Buying a New Saltwater Spinning Reel? Here Are the Latest Top 3
Saltwater spinning reels are rapidly gaining popularity with even the most seasoned anglers. New models are stronger, smoother and capable of handling larger fish than ever before. Here are a few of the latest to receive a top rating.

Do Scented Baits and Fish Attractants Really Work?
Successful anglers are always trying to find additional ways to enhance the effectiveness of their artificial lures. Take a look at some of the newly developed fish attractants that may hold an answer to their quest.

Pump Your Own Natural Baits!
Finding and catching quality natural baits for onshore fishing can be challenging and a bit frustrating at times ...unless you own one of these great tools for the shore angler!

Fishing the Iron: How to Catch Fish with Metal Jigs
When it comes to catching big yellowtail, amberjack and tuna offshore, one of the most popular lures for casting and jigging is 'the iron'. Learn how to use this highly specialized artificial here!

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