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Expert and Beginner Fishing Instructions


From beginner to expert, here is a complete infomation base on how to catch the fish you are after. From specific techniques for the expert to beginning fishing, we try to cover it all.
  1. Learning to Fish
  2. Bottom Fishing
  3. Inshore Fishing
  4. Offshore Fishing

Learning to Fish

Photo © Tom Brooks

Learn to fish using a variety of techniques. Here is help for the beginner fisherman that can go a long way toward maing your fishing experience enjoyable.

Bottom Fishing

Nice Red Snapper

Here are many 'How To' article that cover bottom fishing, everything from terminal tackle to hook setting.

Inshore Fishing

Inshore Redfish © Ron Brooks

For those who choose to fish the protected bays, inlets and marshes, these pages will provide tips and tactics to help you catch your limit every trip!

Offshore Fishing

Offshore Fishing © Ron Brooks

Fishing the big water for ocean going fish takes some specific equipment and some specific knowledge to be successful. Here are some tips and tactics to help you find and catch offshore fish.

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