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Fish Tales and Stories

Here are some fish stories - all true. They come from all my many experiences fishing over the years.

New Years Resolutions
New Years resolutions for saltwater fishermen

When Cabin Fever Sets In - Fishing in Cold Weather
Sometimes the cabin fever makes us do things that seem rather stupid - like fishing in a twenty degree temperature and gale force winds!

One Old Man
How one old man on a charter boat helped a young boy fish for a day.

Filet of Hardhead
Hardhead is the name used for saltwater catfish from Texas to the Florida panhandle. Most of us consider them to be a real pain to deal with. And that pain is meant to be both the aggravation of catching them and real pain you feel if one ever fins you.

Reader Comments
I receive quite a lot of mail from readers every day. Some ask questions; some offer suggestions; and, some just tell me about their fishing experiences. I thought I would let all of you see some of the commentary and ideas I get. Maybe they will help; for sure some of them will entertain.

At a time that everyone in the civilized world is focused on the terrorist attacks on America, it is difficult to focus on fishing. This is one of those occurrences that, in years to come, everyone will remember. They will remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when it happened. We are all shocked at the situation.

Who Are these Guys?!
What's this got to do with fishing, someone asks. Nothing to do with fishing - but everything to do with what is going on here. Great people, great guides, and intensely personal service for over 500 topics.

New Years Resolutions
Given the new year and my bent for fishing, here is my latest list of resolutions.

Fun at the Boat Ramp
I was loading my boat today after a nice day of fishing. The ramp is fairly close to my house, and this being summer and a long holiday weekend, it was somewhat crowded.

A Night on a Boat
Fishing at Night Can be a Fun Experience - Or Not!

A Perfect Fishing Trip
"Just once before I die, I would like to have the perfect fishing trip". I've heard a lot of people make that statement over the years - myself included. I wonder what their idea of a perfect trip is? Is it catching the biggest fish of your life? Is it catching more fish than you ever have before? Is it having your picture published with some great angling feat? It used to be all of those and more for me, once upon a time.

A Christmas Gift to Remember
Being a kid with a fishing fever always meant that I looked forward to Christmas with a particular desire for "fishing" gifts. On Christmas morning, I would wade through the requisite socks, sweaters, and other clothes from aunts and grandparents, looking for the present that had my Dad's distinctive handwriting on it.

The Snook of a Lifetime
We were off the mouth of East Cape Canal just to the south of Cape Sable. Cape Sable is literally the southwest corner of Florida. An integral piece of Everglades National Park, Cape Sable contains some very sandy, relatively deep beaches and houses Lake Ingram with in its area, a lake accessible only by East Cape Canal to the south and Middle Cape Canal to the west.

Finger Lickin' Yellowtail
It was in April some 20 years ago, somewhere around Easter that we made a two-day trip to Marquesas Key off of Key West, Florida. We took two boats for safety, and after the 5-hour drive from Miami, we launched at Stock Island Marina. Six of us went this time, two in my 20-foot Seacraft and the others in a 26-foot Ana Capri.

That's Why They Call Them Snappers
For a country boy, raised in the hills of Tennessee, the first trip to the ocean must have been exciting. For me it was just another day; I was raised on the water. But for Jim, it had to be something special.

Snapper Creek Snook
A number of years ago, too many for me to ponder, we fished the banks of Snapper Creek where it entered Biscayne Bay south of Miami for snook. Mangroves and Australian pines lined the bank of what was actually a canal that was dug as part of a flood control project in the %u201850s.

Two Friends and One Huge Fish
We met at a time that neither of us wanted to meet. I was NCO in charge of the "Rec" Room in the Marine Barracks and he was shooting pool. I remembered him then because he was the one who kept putting his cigarette on the edge of the pool table, and I was the one who eventually had to boot him out for his smart attitude. I remembered him that day as pretty much a wise guy.

Redfish or Rough Fish
Back in the '50s and '60s as I grew up and learned to fish from my father, I learned to like certain fish and to dislike others. Not that they had done anything in particular to cause me to like or dislike them, but more because my Dad, who in my mind knew more about fish and fishing than any soul on earth, liked or disliked them.

Marker 10X
It's really an insignificant marker in the scheme of Florida Bay. It's numbered 10X because they needed another single pole marker between big tripod marker 10 and marker 9 on the intracoastal waterway route up the west side of the bay. The channel curves a bit going into the flat there and 10X sits on the outside edge of that curve. It was really put there as an afterthought.

Expect the Unexpected
Always expect the unexpected. Now if that isn%u2019t the silliest statement I ever heard! Heck if you expect everything, nothing is unexpected! Are you confused? Imagine how confused I was when a jewfish about ninety pounds or so came rolling up on the end of my six-pound test line!

Another Record Catch?
I wasn't present for this one, and this time there was not a release, rather a "legal" catch. If you are from South Florida, you may be familiar with the story. Hold on for this one:

Calcutta Jewfish - Goliath Grouper
I grew up in Key West from age seven to age ten. I tell you this because it is pertinent to understanding some of this story. You see, a kid living in Key West in the early 50%u2019s had nothing to do in his spare time except fish. What time I wasn't fishing, I was thinking about fishing or wishing I were fishing.

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